Daizy Review: Conscious Investing App for Next-Gen

Updated on: December 6, 2022
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Daizy is an investment advisor app for the next-gen of conscious investors. In this article, we review the Daizy investing app, look at its various features, and the problems it is trying to solve.

What is Conscious Investing? What makes Daizy a conscious investing app?

The main goal of investing is protecting your wealth from inflation and earning profits from the booms in the markets. At least, that's the conventional view about the primary purpose of investments. But not everyone is satisfied with just the performance indicators of stocks and business news headlines.

Many people care about the impact of companies on our climate & environment. They care about equal representation of and opportunities for all ages and genders in the job market. They want to know if corporations contribute to social welfare, follow ethical practices, provide safe and reliable products & services.

Along with these concerns, a conscious and well-informed investor likes to know about the risks, earnings, sentiment analysis, social impact, ESG scores and more of the companies they wish to invest in. In short, both quantitative and qualitative analysis is important to determine if your investment portfolio matches with your ethical values and personal goals.

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Only a thorough market analysis like this can help you make true, informed investing decisions. And Daizy investing app plays this role of bringing professional grade information via intuitive visualizations. It uses simple words and charts to avoid "Wall Street" jargon and gets the real point across beautifully.

Daizy makes complicated metrics about stocks, ETFs and crypto accessible to the average layman. This helps cut out all the hype and puts the reality into focus. By having the facts about the performance and impact of your investments (or potential investments) at your fingertips, you become a conscious investor who can objectively allocate their wealth to match their personal mission and ethics.

What are the key features of Daizy Conscious Investing app?

These are the main features of Daizy, the conscious investing app for its end-users:

  1. Follow all your favorite assets like stocks, ETFs and crypto coins in one place.
  2. Link your broker or trading account with this unique investment advisor portal.
  3. Create watchlists and portfolios of your real and potential investments to keep track of their performance.
  4. Get comprehensive and intuitive analysis about your assets and portfolios with the help of informative visualizations.
  5. Stay informed with the market and social trends related to the crypto tokens, companies and industries of your interest.

What data visualizations and investment analysis does Daizy provide via its Apps and API?

Daizy provides through its apps and API, the visualizations and analysis that inform and tell a story about any asset, sector or industry. This helps the users become informed and conscious investors with a good idea of what and why they should choose and avoid while investing.

The four main categories of visualizations and analysis given by Daizy are: Performance, Risk, ESG, and Sentiment.

1) Performance

  • Historical performance
  • Earnings data
  • Best and worst performers
  • Up and down days
  • Allocation charts

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2) Risk

  • Risk vs Return Heat Maps
  • Maximum drawdown (loss)
  • Asset correlations
  • Capture ratios
  • Value at Risk

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3) ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)

  • ESG scores
  • Climate impact
  • Carbon analysis
  • Female leaders
  • Corporate nutrition

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4) Sentiment

  • Daily social sentiment scores
  • Trend analysis
  • Sentiment volumes
  • Analyst ratings
  • Crypto sentiment

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What problems and questions does the Daizy investing app try to solve?

Most investing and stock trading apps give you the performance and risk indicators of your favorite assets. You might also get business news headlines through these apps. Daizy however tries to push the limits and expands the conventional perspective on investing by bringing social, environmental, sentimental and ethical lenses into the investing world.

The next-gen and millennials are not just interested in making money. They also want to know what impact their actions will have on the climate change, carbon footprint, poverty, equality, employment, and morality in our society. Daizy tries to gather data about all aspects of investment analysis and presents it with intuitive visualizations.

The following are just some of the questions and problems in the minds of young and conscious investors that Daizy is answering:

  • How risky are my stocks, cryptos & ETFs?
  • How much could I lose on a bad day?
  • What is my riskiest stock, what is my safest?
  • Do my stocks follow the market?
  • Are my assets trending on social media?
  • Does my portfolio reflect my ethical values?
  • What impact are my investment decisions having on the planet?

What are the Pricing Plans for the Daizy Apps and API?

daizy pricing plans apps and api

For the end-users, Daizy has Android and iOS apps. They come in three plans: Daizy Free, Daizy Pro, and B2B Enterprise API.

Daizy Free

The Daizy Free plan is going to be free forever, and has all of the essential investment analysis features that we have talked about in this article. You will get stock, crypto and ETF analysis; access deep dives and trends analysis playlists; use the AI powered finance chatbot; create unlimited portfolios and follow Daizy portfolios; link to broker account.

Daizy Pro

The Daizy Pro subscription plan is for $29.99 Yearly or $2.99 Monthly. It has all of the Daizy Free features, and additionally you get early access to new Daizy portfolios and analyses; earn Daizy Token rewards; get premium support via Discord; and receive Pre-Trade Analysis.

Daizy B2B Enterprise API

Daizy has a simple API to delivery its professional grade visualizations and investment analysis into third-party platforms and apps. You must contact the Daizy Support Team to understand the API pricing for your project. However, you can get started and try out the Daizy API for Free from their Developers page.

Final Words

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The Daizy app brings conscious and informed investing decisions at your fingerprints with its rich visualizations and financial analysis of crypto, stocks, ETFs and sectors. You can explore social media sentiment analysis, ESG scores, risk and reward, performance indicators, comparative analysis of different assets and so much more. Using Daizy as your conscientious and well-informed financial advisor brings information symmetry among the masses.

The Daizy Free plan will remain free forever and delivers most of the rich and updated information about your portfolios, assets, and the industry sectors that interest you. If you are a developer, then there is the Daizy API for you to integrate all of these intuitive visualizations and investment analysis into your platforms and apps.

We highly recommend downloading and using the Daizy free mobile apps for conscious investing and stay well-informed about the impact of your financial & investing decisions on our society and planet. Let us know in the comments about your favorite features and visualizations from Daizy app!

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