The Most Reputed Courses in Cyber Security you Should Know About

Updated on: April 16, 2021

There are hundreds of cyber security courses online to choose from. More often than not, the exploding variety of courses makes us highly indecisive at picking a training program. If you were to search for ethical hacking course online, you would find countless choices, all claiming to be the best choice among students. One can only pull their hair in frustration, cursing the availability of options while also not being willing to let go of the freedom they provide.

Well, if you are smart enough to know what course is actually the best for you, then it’s an advantage for you because that allows you to focus on the place to learn it from rather than the course to enroll in. But if you don't have any knowledge about the cyber security field, then you might end up making a less desirable choice. Know this: if you want to get noticed by employers, you need the best certification in your resume. Here are a few of the most recognized cyber security certification courses in the world, that are recognized by employers of top organizations all over the planet:

1. The Certified Ethical Hacker program or the CEH program

It is one of the top, nay the top, ethical hacking training programs all over the world. The curriculum for this course is aligned with the latest advancements in the cyber security world. Currently, this is the most highly demanded ethical hacking certification by employers. Note that this course ends with an exam, the Certified Ethical Hacker exam, that is four hours long and contains 125 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 60% to 85%, depending on the difficulty of the exam form.

2. Certified Network Defender course

It is also a widely recognized certified course by EC Council. Networks form the parameters of digital security for devices or a group of devices in an enterprise. Man in the Middle attacks, Denial of Service attacks, and many other cyber attacks owe their origin to unsecured networks. This is one of the most basic cyber security courses which will help you understand the architecture of networks and the techniques to prevent them from being intruded on. Once again, this course is also provided by the EC council and requires a CND exam at the end to earn the certification.

3. Computer hacking forensic investigator

It is one of the best-selling forensic analysis courses in cyber security. Forensic experts are demanded in large numbers for the government as well as private jobs to investigate cybercrime, which is growing in number every single second. This is also a forensic track program by EC Council and is 40 hours long. If you're interested in being a digital detective, then you can pursue this training and clear your exam to get certified as a reputed digital forensic expert in the industry.

4. Penetration testing

It is an advanced form of ethical hacking because it deals with a particular vulnerability’s assessment in detail. You can think of it as a specialization in offensive cyber security. In the penetration testing course, you will learn about web app pen testing, cloud pen testing, and other different platforms. Earlier EC Council had the famous License Penetration Testing or the LPT course, which is now replaced by the Certified Penetration Testing Professional or the CPENT course. The good thing is that it's a two in one course in the sense that scoring more than 90% in the CPENT examination will grant you dual certifications, i.e., the CPENT & the LPT certification by EC Council.

You can do all the above courses from any accredited training center of the EC Council.

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