Customised Tablet apps are leading to Business Growth !

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Tablets have invaded the market with such pomp and enthusiasm, that it is hardly astonishing that the demand for tablet application development has reached sky high. With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface, the curiosity amongst people regarding Microsoft Surface App development has led to more and more creative and innovative apps are being developed by the developers across the world.

It is safe to say that the whole buzz was initiated by Apple with the launch of their sleek and shiny new iPad. It opened new pathways for iPad application development globally. Since there is such a raging demand towards iPad development, it is seen that the whole focus revolves around providing maximum comfort based on customization for the users.

It offers a strong assortment of development tools that are available for providing assistance in creating high standard iPad applications. The iPad application development presents an entire gamut of applications using of iPad SDK 3.2 beta, iPad Sample Code and iPad Simulator. Its task is basically to enable the user to assign and develop applications in order to facilitate various industries by customizing apps for different sectors.

Customization of tablet app development

Some Of The Different Kinds Of Tablet Apps Available In The Market Today Are:

1. EBook apps – These apps help you download and read eBooks. They are popular because you can carry them easily anywhere and read many books on it, with the same device.

2. Entertainment Apps- These apps are basically intended purely for entertainment purposes. Some are touching sensitive and some are motion based. E.g. Talking Tom.

3. Search apps- These apps offer search engine like services. You can search and browse the internet through the browser of your choice.

4. Business apps-These apps basically focus on enabling the smooth functioning of business processes. These cater to agendas like circulating memos, emailing, instant messaging, data sharing and document upload/downloading.

5. Lifestyle Apps- These apps basically cater to the everyday requirements of a person’s leisure time activities, like to book movie shows, looking for good restaurants etc.

6. Gaming Apps- Gaming is probably the most fun part of using tablets. There are hundreds of gaming apps for the iPads.

7. Multi Media Apps - These is apps that help in audio/video of various files.


Tablet apps for business

Most entrepreneurs are realizing that developing apps for tablets can prove to be very beneficial for their companies as it increases the customer reach dramatically. It also enhances user experience that leads to a better impression that the visitor carries about the company.

Many companies are customizing apps for their own personal uses as intra-industry communication or data transfer and accessibility. Large number companies have also plunged into developing apps that “represent” their business to their target audience, in terms of a gaming app or an entertainment app. This augments the brand recognition in the minds of people.

Certain companies have also ventured into making mobile versions of their ecommerce sites that can help them give their customers a unique shopping experience.

Tablet app for business


Customization of iPad apps or Microsoft surface apps certainly requires professional assistance since there are a lot of intricacies involved in the design, development and testing of the app. This is why you should always look for a professional who can give to you the best of services at the best prices.

When you search for a reliable tablet application developer or a company that offers these services, you will find that a number of companies will be listed. But are they all reliable? If not, how to choose the correct one? Following is a short list of things that you should look for in a company that offers these services:

  • Skilled & organized personnel,
  • Cost-competitive solutions,
  • Dedicated customer support,
  • On – time delivery of project
  • Genuine and creative ideas


The realm of tablets is new right now, and has much potential for growth in the future. If you are an entrepreneur, now is the time to hop on with the tablet application development bandwagon, to give a better position and recognition to your company. The more people start recognizing your brand, the better your company value will be. The more accessible you are to your customers, the better are the chances for increased sales and better revenue.

If you are a developer, do not waste any time at all, and indulge in this fantastic field because the demand and scope for genuine and best tablet application developers is soon to see an all-time rise. Tablet apps developers are well paid and always remain in demand. Jump in now to your claim for fame!

Summary: The market is today buzzing with the sensational tablets that are being released by the top companies every passing day. This article highlights how the customization of tablet applications can result in increased business for both business owners as well as developers.

Author Bio: Samuel works as a senior Android application developer with Viteb Mobile Apps, a leading Mobile Apps and  Android Tablet Application Development company offering its services globally. They are reputed for having one of the best teams of designers and developers across the world.

Customization of tablet app development
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