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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important tools in business these days. These tools analyze data to know a customer’s history with the business and improve the relationship with them with a focus on customer retention and to ultimately drive sales growth of the company.

Gmail is the most conducive email environment for businesses by being simple, organized, providing good spam filter and free POP and IMAP options. Akvelon provides an integration of the two and is the best CRM integration tool for businesses in the market.


What is CRM

CRM is a technique to manage relations between a company and his current and potential customers. Akvelon’s Dynamic CRM compiles data on Gmail and helps companies understand their target audience and how they interact with them. It performs common CRM tasks directly from Gmail such as tracking emails, working with activities and creating records and contacts.

Akvelon has just recently released a new version of Dynamics CRM with improved functionality. It is a Google Chrome extension which makes its reach improbably big.


CRM Gmail integration

Akvelon Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with Gmail by being an easy to install Chrome extension that works across all platforms where Chrome is supported. This includes Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The aim of this extension is to provide quick and easy integration with Gmail and it does so by working effortlessly with the Gmail user interface. New users can quickly create CRM entities from Gmail.

Akvelon’s Dynamic CRM has various functionalities which will be discussed here with the following:

  1. Email Integration: This is how the app tracks data. You can integrate it by the following: Track email -> Set regarding -> Record email
  2. Calendar syncing: You can sync your dynamics CRM calendar with Gmail or your Google calendar with Dynamics CRM. This is very convenient for those using different calendars on various clients.
  3. Create and review CRM activities: The “activity” card displays due date, time and duration, subject, priority, and descriptions of the CRM.
  4. Connecting with Avkelon’s global search: Dynamics CRM works with Global Search and Global Preview applications.


Supported Platforms

Dynamics CRM is an extension of Chrome and as such requires Google Chrome to be installed first. Its supported on all platforms that are supported by Chrome however you would like to have certain performance overhead when running Dynamics CRM as you would with any extension, as Chrome is RAM intensive when simultaneously running multiple tabs and the extension requires further resources. That said, it will only be an issue on outdated hardware and in cases where other RAM intensive applications are running in the background.



Dynamics CRM has many advanced features being a paid extension. Some of the highlights are the following:

  1. Global search: You can search any piece of information with a keyword and you will find it!
  2. Gmail integration: Works as an extension for Gmail on all Gmail supported platforms and works as an extension so that you never have to leave Gmail to use CRM entities!
  3. Global preview: See all CRM records with Preview Pane!
  4. CRM tracker: The CRM tracker is the main selling point of the app and in my experience, it is very convenient as on Android devices calls made offline sync the next time you connect to the internet so no active internet connection is required!

Avkelon Dynamics CRM is a free product and I would recommend it to companies that actively interact with their customers. It is for those who want to improve their products through feedback and have a large volume of emails on Gmail. It can be used for personal use too if say you’re a model and receive tons of fan support through Gmail but again it's only helpful to those with busy schedules and a huge fanbase. You can get the extension on the Chrome store as a free extension with some in-app purchases available for those of you who want to make extensive use of extension.

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