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Updated on: May 18, 2013


Have you ever wondered what would you do if you ever forget your windows password??Just format the disk and reinstall all your data is not a good solution :(, but now you don't have to worry any more, you can get your password back easily. The process of getting back your lost password is called cracking your password.

I am mentioning this process for those people who are really a  genuine one  and want to get back/recover their windows password,its a totally ethical way 🙂 No hacking and all 🙂

Firstly I will tell you how the system stored your password in windows environment:

  • How the password is stored in windows?

When you set your windows password it is not directly stored by the OS instead its hash value is stored in the computer. This hash value is generated using a hash function. Hash function is a one way function that generates a unique hash value for a password or file by which the password or file can be authenticated i,e SAM file. Whenever you enter the password, it is first passed through a hash function which generates a unique hash value which is compared with the hash value stored in the OS.
Some of the hash functions are:
1. MD4, MD5
2. SHA-1,2,3
3. VNC hash

Windows OS uses NTLM hashfuction.
So to crack the windows password we need to actually crack the NTLM hash. Some of the techniques used to crack the hash are
1) Dictionary attack.
2) Brut force attack.
3)Rainbow table attack

  • Tool for cracking password is ophcrack.

Ophcrack is an extremely powerful and very easy to use tool, so any one can use it without any problems.

Steps to use ophcrack:
1) Download the live CD of  Ophcrack from here
2) Burn the live CD.
3) Its a bootable disc so boot from the ophcrack CD.
4)It will boot the  liveCD, .It may ask you to choose ‘which partition’ you want to scan to recover password,just select the partition in which your Windows OS is installed & wait for further task ,It automatically starts cracking the password.
5) You have cracked the windows password.

  • How to save yourself from getting your password cracked?

Now we know how to crack our windows password but what if we don’t want our password to get cracked by any tool. Ophcrack is quite effective cracking tool and successfully cracks passwords many times. But if you have your password length more than 12 characters and include more than 3 symbols(*&^%$#@) and digits with combination of characters then the probability for your password getting cracked by Ophcrack gets very less mostly your password will not be cracked.

[note]Please Use this software for genuine purpose[/note]

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