Reasons behind Conflict of successful blogging

Updated on: May 18, 2013


Conflict of successful blogging

What is the meaning of blogging success? Is it determined by how many readers you garner and keep? Or is it determined by the amount of monies you make through advertisements and affiliate marketing strategies? Both are necessary to be a complete blogging success. There are times however when extra importance to one of these aspects makes the whole site suffer. And that aspect which usually gets the attention is the financial one. (Who does not love money?) In the process, the blog suffers from its inability to engage the visitors and readers. One must remember that the basic premise on which readers are drawn to the blog is that reading it would affect them positively.



Here are some common pitfalls that one might face while attempting to make a blog succeed. Take care of them and the blog will indeed succeed.

1. Expecting too much out of readers

This is a frequent error. Not giving any information till the reader parts with his/her personal details is a sure put off. Asking for a few details may be accepted after the credibility and usefulness of the blog has been established. Definitely not before that! Also, expecting your readers to accept whatever you dole out without paying attention to their opinions and needs will not work. You have to ‘play it by the ear’ and meet their needs too along with posting your thoughts.

2. Not maintaining the site

This involves ensuring that you are not hosting outdated information and erroneous facts. Doing this will give your readers an opinion that you do not care. And so they also will not! Again, using lots of images on the landing page of the site could spell bad news for it. People will find it hard to load the site and may simply keep away. Again, embedding many tables or frames into the blog may slow down its loading. This is also true of audios and videos that are used. Opening with videos make the site look unprofessional if done haphazardly.

3. Overuse of bad  advertising strategies

Nobody likes their reading and viewing experience to be disturbed by pop-ups and advertisements floating across the screens. Some advertising is definitely an essential part of blogging. But the basis always good writing! Do not allow advertisements to interfere with the reading process.



4. Technical inefficiencies of the site

If your site crashes browsers that readers might be using, it is a sure shot way for the site to commit suicide! Also, embedding the site with cutting edge and innovative technologies may be harmful. Ensure that such technologies are robust and that your site is able to support them. When a reader arrives at the site, he/she must have a pleasant browsing experience. If an instruction manual is needed to browse your site, then something is awfully wrong in the designing.

5. Bad writing

The importance of good material cannot be overemphasized when it comes to blog success. Ensure that your site has useful matter for the reader be it in terms of information, humor or any other genre.

Remembering the basics is all that it takes to get a blog running and successful. Being passionate about one’s blog is an absolute must for if the author is not passionate, how will anyone else be passionate about the blog? Think well, write well and keep it simple - these should ensure that the blog is a success.

[note]About the guest author: Bethany is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Digital Photo Frame attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on 3D Phones Guide.[/note]

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  1. Many newbie bloggers are facing the last point. Many of them are come up with bad writing and assume that they will get a good traffic through that content.

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