Why to Attend CoinAdvice Blockchain & Crypto Conference 2019

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have become an essential aspect of the business world. Though most of the businesses are not using it, there are still many big names in the market who are slowly and steadily moving towards the use of blockchain technology.

The world is witnessing a number of events for portraying the importance of blockchain and cryptocurrency for the growth of the business. One such popular event is the Blockchain conference which will be happening in the month of March in Thailand – CoinAdvice Conference.

What is CoinAdvice Conference?

CoinAdvice Conference is the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency event which is organized to help business leaders from across the world. It covers a number of aspects which highlights the importance of this event for the blockchain business. Its 3 days event followed by multiple activities.

Many people are discussing various topics related to technology. Which also focusing on the leading products and services associated with the blockchain technology. The entire world is looking forward to this conference as it is expected that the conference will highlight many unknown and hidden aspects of the emerging technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The CoinAdvice Conference is scheduled to happen from 4th to 6th March 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand. The main aim of this conference is to connect with all the influencers, policymakers, blockchain startups, blockchain experts, government personnel, etc. for discussing the growth and the future of the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What can be expected from the CoinAdvice Conference?

CoinAdvice Conference is a special conference with its special focus on the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain.  You can expect to get the maximum and detailed information about these two technologies. You will see some talks related to secure and successful integration of blockchain in the network of the company. Which may involve lots of international companies.

CoinAdvice Conference

This conference will be helpful for the blockchain business as it helps in the growth of this technology along with helping the various industries in understanding the basics of this technology. It also aims for the fact that more and more industry should introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in their business.

In short, it helps in the proper awareness of the blockchain technology to many industries and businesses by sharing the case studies, benefits, potential, and importance of this trending technology. It is expected that this conference will change the outlook of many industries towards blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Why you should attend this CoinAdvice Conference 2019?

Here are some of the reasons that will surely excite you to attend this conference concerning the need and importance of blockchain and cryptocurrency:


  1. Networking:

It is expected that around 10,000 people will be a part of this conference in Pattaya in the coming month of March. The CEO's and founders of the many big international companies will be a part of the network for embracing the conference with their experience and word of advice. You will get a change to netowrk with developers and business leaders to drive some business as well as gain some knowledge.

  1. Learning:

This conference will help in highlighting the various tech challenges that the companies, startups, and businesses are facing related to blockchain technology. The conference will cover various topics about the blockchain technology & crypto domains.

  1. Exposure:

This conference is one of the largest gatherings of the blockchain technology experts, coin owners, and other tech specialists. The conference will also attract 100 global journalists as well as more than 250 speakers which come together under one roof for promoting this emerging technology. In short, I can say here you can gain lots of practical knowledge.

  1. Speakers:

Some of the influential speakers who will be addressing this 2019 conference are as follow:

  • DR. SARAT KUMAR MALIK ( Securities & Exchange Board of India )
  • VIT JEDLICKA ( President of the Free Republic of Liberland )
  • Ali Mohammed (Co-Founder & CEO, Gold Bits Coin)
  • DANE ELLIOTT (Business Director, Achain)
  • Alexi Lane (CEO, Founder, Everex)
  • Steve Good (Cryptocurrency Expert)
  • Eric Annan (Co-Founder, Kubitx)
  • Jowin Tan (Co-Founder, Wincoin)
  • MR. NARINRIT ( Cybersecurity Expert )
  • EKKAPON YUANGNARK ( Managing Director Nitithorn Summit Group Co. Ltd )

With such influencer speakers, it can only be said that the conference will nothing be less than a needed push for most of the industries for accepting this blockchain technology in their products and service.

Highlights for the conference:

Some of the attractive highlights for the conference that will make this event worthy to visit and attend are as follow:

  • 3-days high profile networking
  • Gathering of 25 ICO's from across the world
  • Experience of 15 influencers in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Collection of 100 speakers including crypto entrepreneurs, visionaries, world thought leaders, global transformers, etc.
  • 50+ media partners
  • Around 48 countries representing their respective blockchain initiatives and ecosystems
  • Near about 1500+ attendees at the conference including experts, entrepreneurs, executive, investors, enthusiasts, and policymakers
  • More than 50 exhibitors' availability for showcasing their disruptive and transnational projects, latest trends and growth in the blockchain domain and the innovative ideas that they plan to implement for the growth of this technology


Last but not least, the conference will be remembered for the various transformative and mind-blowing global announcements in the blockchain technology domain. Along with highlighting the various aspects of the blockchain, this CoinAdvice Conference will also address the essential aspect of VVIP Networking Lounge. It will be like an exclusive networking area where all the brightest and developing startups will come across to follow the coin owners, speakers, VC firms, etc.

If you are looking for more, then an ICO pitch contest with a total prize pool of 60K will be distributed in 3 prizes amongst the various participants. This contest will be organized along with the conference and many ICO companies as well as investment funds will be participating in it.

The total 60K prize will be distributed as:

  • 1st prize - $30,000
  • 2nd prize - $20,000
  • 3rd prize - $10,000

The conference will end with post-conference receptions for the private VIP retreats which will bring some worthy partnerships for the economic growth and development by overcoming the majority of the present challenges.

BlogSaays is an official media partner for CoinAdvice conference, we are excited to network & take interviews of some amazing talent in blockchain & crypto domains.

coinadvice conference
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