CoinAdvice Blockchain Conference 2019 Bangkok for all Blockchain Product Makers

Updated on: May 31, 2019

People often forget Attending a conference nowadays. To be active in the field an individual has chosen or in the trade association can bring a lot of benefits from both the environment and human. There is always a power connected to the people who are active in attending conferences or meetings. People need to be that grateful for the different perks of technology, the reason why there are many conferences held today. One of these is these kinds of the conference that highlights to maintain and monitor blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. This is called Blockchain Conference 2019 CoinAdvice, and this kind of event is one of the leading conferences and also known as the event organizer which specializes in professional high-level business conferences.

It is always a good opportunity to start with yourself committing to that annually year after year. A lot of people think about joining a different organization is enough in order to establish a great kind of relationship with others. However, it is just a good start but will not satisfy, to know everything from your field will be more interesting to do.

You need to be engaged and participate in the meetings or conferences which can enhance your knowledge in the field you have chosen. This has a network of domestic and also for the international partners, it gives an instant solution for any of the company’s networking needs or requirements.

5 Reasons to Attend CoindAdvice Blockchain Conference 2019

This conference will be  held on June 25- June 26, 2019

1. Educational Opportunities

Anyone who attends the conference will always have a great opportunity for a wide range of educational opportunities in blockchain. It is not all about how expert you are in blockchain or cryptocurrency but to experienced others opportunity and to explore other things to learn. It just a matter of giving yourself a new exposure, with the help of a variety of points of view. Thus, it can help in order to don’t miss new ideas, changes and other important things that can be an implication to a better opportunity in the future.

Blockchain in Education

It can always be an isolating idea without exposing yourself to a meeting and conference has a great impact on yourself, business and many more. The educational aspect helps people to become more productive and at the same time provides new experiences for the people to start with.

2. Get to know other people in your chosen field

Getting an opportunity to meet leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency is one of the important benefits you can get. Attending a conference is the way or the key to networking. Networking is very essential for job hunting, obviously, but having a big network benefits you in other ways too.

Blockchain People

Perhaps you can get advice from an expert in another field. You can also ask someone to come and contribute a talk at your institution and this is accessible during your networking. It also enables you to listen to people who handle problem and challenges in this industry.

3. Hear the Latest Innovation and Research

If you want to understand the latest happening in blockchain and cryptocurrency then this conference is the place to attend. Many experts will perform preliminary conclusions or work which has not yet been declared at a conference.

Blockchain Research

Of course, you should not take every case you hear at a conference to be right until you are able to look in the methodology and findings for yourself, but this is a big chance to get a glimpse of what other people are working on. These ideas can be a great motivation for your own personal purpose or business.

4. Improving your networking skills

Networking skills are necessary for every career. Luckily such conferences provide you the opportunity to practice these skills live. Testing and giving your talk or sign presentation will make you more relaxed in front of an audience. You'll also discover things like the speed at which you should interpret and respond. Solving questions after your presentation and talking with other attendees will improve to sharpen your communications skills.

business networking blockchain

Agenda in Coinadvice Blockchain Conference 2019 Bangkok

According to their website, CoinAdvice Blockchain & Fintech Conference is the world’s exciting Blockchain, Fintech, AI, IOT, and cryptocurrency focused event which has occurred to upset the industry trend by showcasing intelligent business leaders and entrepreneurs from all across the globe. This will happen for 3 beneficial consecutive days.

The agenda is all about the following:

  • The future of Blockchain, Fintech, IOT, and AI in 2019.

  • The development of the crypto-friendly market, along with governments policies.

  • You will witness presentations of different ecosystems, Global, transformative and amazing announcements.

  • The conference will observe a committed audience of C-level financial services and enterprise tech executives, cloud providers, CEO’s from disruptive start-ups, government, policy leaders, investment capitalists, developers, startups, investors, media, and indeed, many more.

Expert Speakers Joining The Event

  1. Dato Steve Cheah (President At Global Entrepreneurship Network (Gen) Thailand)

  2. TOPP JIRAYUT SRUPSRISOPA (Co-Founder & CEO At Bitkub)

  3. Neha Mehta (Founder, FemTech Partners)

  4. Chris Ziomkowski (Founder at XTend Online)

  5. Valentin Preobrazhenskiy (Founder, Latoken)


It's a good opportunity to take some great points about this ecosystem which are not yet available in the market.

Learning is an important part of the conference. Remember its also important to use your learning instead of just considering it as a knowledge. This conference also drive you some business during after-party event and beehive networking session over some beverages

coinadvice bangkok june 2019
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