How to Clear Specific Sites Cookies in Chrome Mobile for Android and iOS?

Updated on: April 26, 2022

‘Cookies’ are small text messages that the web servers pass to your web browser when you visit different sites. These cookies get stored in a small file, called cookie.txt. This file contains certain information about you, like your name, location, and interests. This makes online transactions very convenient and internet surfing easier as you don't have to type your login credentials every single time you log in to a website. But to be on a safer and more secure side, one should ALWAYS delete cookies and cache after browsing.

But this can pose a privacy risk as it stores personal details. It may also cause problems on some sites leading to loading and formatting issues. Therefore, clearing the site-specific data can be a good idea to fix any such issues. But you should know that if you choose this method you will lose the convenience of stored passwords and other data.

Why should Cookies be cleared?

Suppose you are going to use a public computer at a cyber cafe to shop online or a shared computer at your workplace to check an important email, but unless you delete the cookies that have been stored for each session, the next person who logs in on the system can possibly see your entire history.

While not every user walks in every day to hack into other people’s accounts, but, there are chances that the next person MIGHT log in to your online banking or shopping accounts masquerading as you, or worse still. Here are some of the main reasons why you should delete cookies from your browser:

  • A potential security threat to your personal data

Several cyber-crime events have shown that previous cyber attacks have shown that hackers can likely hijack cookies, access browser sessions, and then steal personal information.

  • Slows down your browser

The pages you visit will be saved on your hard drive when you first visit a website. On subsequent visits, it can load a lot faster instead of re-downloading the pages. You will, however, accumulate a lot of cookies over time and this will slow down your machine in turn.

  • Stores your personal information

The pages you visit and the transactions you make are remembered by Cookies. To build a more comprehensive profile of your online activities or to target you with more advertising, websites may then track you and follow you around the web.

If you are having issues with a particular website, it is recommended that only certain cookies associated with that website be removed. Here is a simple guide on how to clear cookies and cache on Chrome for a particular website.

How to Clear Specific Sites Cookies in Chrome Mobile

The steps to clear cookies from your Chrome browser vary depending on whether you use an Android or iOS device but is an extremely easy thing to do. Here is a step by step guide on how this can be done.

Clear Cookies in Chrome mobile for iOS

  • Open the Chrome app and navigate to the specific website from which you want to remove the cache and cookies.
  • Click the Menu icon which appears as three dots.
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Tap
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Cookies, Site Data.

Clear Cookies in Chrome mobile for Android

  • Open the Chrome app and navigate to the website.
  • Tap on Menu, which looks like three-dots
  • Tap on the Settings option

Clear Cookies Chrome Mobile-1

  • Click on Site settings.

Clear Cookies Chrome Mobile-2


  • Tap on All Sites. Here, you’ll see all the stored data for all the websites, which includes cache and cookies.

Clear Cookies Chrome Mobile-3

  • Select the website you want to clear the cookies from.

Clear Cookies Chrome Mobile-4

  • Tap on Clear and Reset.

This was all about how you can clear cache and cookies for a specific website on Google Chrome for Android and iOS.

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