Clashot Helps You Monetize Your Smartphone Photography Skills

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Have you ever thought of earning money from photographs that you capture using your Smartphone camera? If not, it is the best time to do so! The reason is quite simple – Clashot is ready to serve you for that purpose! Do you know what Clashot is? If you do not have an affirmative answer, the following review of Clashot, which comes from family of Depositphotos, will help you. We shall not only give you an introduction about this wonderful application, which is available for both Android & iOS, but we will also tell you how productive the app is. Literally, using Clashot, you can earn a decent amount for each ‘natural’ photograph you take through the Smartphone or Tablet PC. First, we would check out the whole process behind Clashot, and hence how it does allow Smartphone-based photographers earn decent revenue from snaps. clashot-app-review

Principle behind Clashot

Sole principle behind Clashot is the fact that news media always prefer natural photographs to artificial ones, at least when it comes to the case of sudden incidents. Suppose there was a sudden riot or something in the town. When the whole town will be in a hurry, a SLR-packed Photographer may not get enough time to capture the event, but on the other hand, a Smartphone photographer will do the job quite nicely. The team of Depositphotos has understood this simple fact, and that is why they started a mobile-oriented but globally accessible platform to share photographs. To put things in a simpler way, we will tell you the systematic process of Clashot.


Users, who have installed application in their iOS or Android device, can upload photographs once they have finished account creation process. So, users’ part is over, and he/she can invite friends to view his profile, and follow him if it is worth checking out. Now, if your photographs can attract attention of news media authorities, who will be looking for natural photographs, especially in aforementioned situations. So, if your photos attract attention, authorities will buy the photograph(s), and corresponding amount would be credited in your account instantly. Once that amount is more than the minimum, you can withdraw it using the convenient method.


After all, what we found special in Clashot is that it has become a great community as well as platform to check out superb natural-looking photographs. Obviously, Clashot has two phases; one will be advantageous for photographer, whereas the other will help publishers and news media to get superb photographs quite instantly.

User Interface

According to our experience using Clashot, we found the UI of Clashot to be quite intuitive at the same time effective for both photographer and buyer. When it comes to the part of photographer, the whole process of uploading photo is extremely simple. First, you have to download and install the application, and create an account, and it will let you add your profile information as well. Now, you have to create reports to upload photographs.


In each report, you can include several photographs; you can create reports when you are covering a special event or something. If you are covering a small riot around the town, and the riot grabs attention from media, you can name the report wisely so that your report will gain maximum exposure among those who search for photographs.

On the other hand, when it comes to the case of a media person, who is looking for photographs, your process too is very simple than you expect it to be! In the ‘Trends’ section, you can see trending photographs from photographers, and you can select the most appropriate one after checking out the huge gallery. Resembling Facebook, as Clashot is a photo-sharing community as well, we can see some buttons such as Like and Comment. However, when you want to buy that photo and hence use it for your purpose, you have to click on the ‘Cart’ button whereupon you can pay and get that photograph.


Final Word

Considering all these sections, we SHOULD conclude that Clashot is one of the best, profitable and productive Apps, you should grab for your iOS or Android Smartphone. Using this application, if you have decent skills in photography, you can earn incredible amount, especially if your snaps are powerful enough to attract viewers’ attention.

The only drawback we found in the application (We used Clashot for Android) was that the default camera application wasn’t that good, and a photographer will have to use a third-party tool to take ‘good’ photos with customization. Except it, Clashot is simply the best.

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