Choosing The Proper Batteries For Your Digital Camera

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Buying camera batteries can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you have a selection of dozens of battery types to choose from. However, we all look for the same qualities in camera batteries: a long lifespan, great battery performance, and a price that can’t be beaten. With this in mind, you can compare many different brands and battery types to find the perfect battery for your camera; all while meeting your needs and keeping a watch on your budget. Some will argue for the sheer convenience and apparent “value” of single use batteries, while others support rechargeable batteries that have a higher initial investment. Either way, both can be beneficial in their own ways.


Digital Camera Batteries

Why Not Use Single Use Batteries For Digital Cameras?

While single use batteries are convenient and incredibly cheap compared to other battery types, they do not offer the same power or lifespan for devices that need plenty of energy. Many modern digital cameras have lots of extra features, large displays, and powerful shots. Disposable batteries are okay for emergency use, as many digital cameras will eat them up quickly. As for the plain or basic digital cameras, disposable batteries will last much longer. These sort of cameras usually do not have an LCD or preview display; they work much like a standard film roll camera, except they deposit the images in digital form to a computer. Lithium batteries can usually do quite well in both devices, as they store much more power and energy than standard single use batteries. These camera batteries are also single use, but will have a steeper price. A great benefit of single use batteries is their much longer shelf life. Once bought, single use batteries can store for many years and still be highly productive.

Digital Camera Rechargeable Battery

Digital Camera Rechargeable Battery

The Benefits Of Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries offer a longer lasting source of power for cameras; however they do not have an attractive price tag. A standard charger set with a few batteries can cost over $20, and you may need extra sets of rechargeable batteries. The upside to these batteries is definitely the price cuts in the long run. Rechargeable batteries can successfully serve you for a couple of years, saving you lots of money on one use batteries. They are also environmentally friendly, keeping tons of single use batteries out of landfills. Keeping our planet healthy is a major concern, and it is remarkable how much a single rechargeable unit can help with this issue. Unfortunately, rechargeable batteries will lose their lifespan over time, losing power with each recharge cycle. This means that after some time, they will not perform as well as they did when they were new. Rechargeable batteries also should not remain idle for long periods of time. These camera batteries should be recharged and used every now and then, to keep them in good shape. These batteries can be stored and hold a charge for a few months, so they are not as handy for emergency situations.

This is a guest post by John, a music freak who happens to be quite passionate about writing as well. His areas of interests are cars, swanky gadgets, digital camera accessories like camcorder batteries etc.

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  1. Single use battery is useless for a digital camera you can click 10 to 15 picture and battery dead, if you want to durable and ling long camera battery then purchase Always for Best brand rechargeable camera battery. Special Thanks for Saurab Sir.

  2. My wife is getting ready to go on vacation, but we weren't sure what kind of batteries would be best. I really like that you say that rechargeable batteries can actually be used for years! It would be nice to know that you won't need to replace them again for a while.

  3. Saurabh, this is so useful for many digital camera users, like bloggers, travelers, amateur filmmakers and so on. I think this is actually one point that anyone should consider when buying a camera, same goes for wearable action cameras too.

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