Cheap Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: INR 699 / $14.99

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Finally wait is over Microsoft released their most awaited Windows 8 product, a re-imagine  version of  windows family. We already wrote about windows 8's features & specifications.Microsoft taking lots of effort to make it success.I personally used their developer & consumer preview versions,I like few features of win8 especially metro UI & App store.It will help them to create more valuable apps for their users.UX and UI is good but navigation is little bit messy for newbies.We can easily do dual boot of windows 8 & windows 7


This time Microsoft come with some good business strategies,they highly engage with many developers for their app development, It helped them to create influence of Win 8 in developer as well as in users world.Windows 8 versions can run on many device like tablet & netbook etc.Improved structure of windows 8 i.e WinRT layer helping developers to do their task in more appropriate and easiest manner.

Features and performance wise Win 8 is good, If you want to upgrade your existing Win7 to Win8 you have to pay $40/2000 INR   according to their email. But recently I found a way from which you can grab your genuine Windows 8 pro version for $14.99 /699 INR by upgrading from pirated/genuine windows 7 versions. Its happening because of some security loophole in their  upgrade system. I personally updated to Win 8 Pro for $14.99. 🙂

Hurry get your windows 8 pro version in very cheap price.

To do this simply follow few steps:

Update : Look like MS fixed the loophole of  sending PROMO-CODE to anyone by selecting purchase date  after 2 -June-2012.  but we find another way to get it ,do select date as "20 June  2012" only.

1. Navigate to this site WindowsUpgradeOffer ,choose your country (India).

Windows Upgrade Offer

2. Click on continue & fill up the form according to your info.

3. Please note that in  'Date of purchase' field provide any date after June 10 2012.

Windows8 Upgrade Offer date choosing

4. After filling your all details submit your form and  check your inbox.

5. You will get Promo Code  along with Windows upgrade assistance link.

Windows 8 is Promo Code upgrade

6. Now download Upgrade assistance & follow instructions

Win 8  Product Key

7. If you don't have credit card I suggest you to use Virtual Credit Card service, the application 1stly ask you for your card details then after submitting your card info you have REEDEM your PROMO CODE. Which reduce your price to $14.99/ 699 INR.

Win 8 upgrade offer credit card

8. Download your OS and choose its installation modes. I hope you will enjoy Windows 8.

Note: During this process you never encounter with any dialog box which saying "Windows Genuine validation",so its a great news for those people who are using pirated OS. They can also avail this offer. Hurry they might be fix it soon 😀

Windows 7 to Windows 8
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