How to change default Google Map Navigation icon of driving mode

Updated on: February 9, 2024

Google map is everyone's go-to travel app on their smartphone, we use it for a variety of purposes. Its heterogeneous features enable everyone to make it their default mobile navigation app. If you are a regular user of Google Maps you may find its navigation icon a bit irritating as its omnidirectional behavior confuse us at any time. However, the standard navigation arrow can sometimes be less engaging. Fortunately, Google Maps now allows Android users to personalize their navigation experience with custom vehicle icons, a feature previously exclusive to iOS users. With its comprehensive features, it's no wonder that we will able to see different default navigation icons for many.

To get rid of Google Maps default navigation icon, we are going to share with you a simple way to replace it with some amazing vehicle icons. Till now this feature was available on iOS only.  But now it's working on Android devices as well.

Before you can enjoy this new customization feature, ensure that you have the latest version of Google Maps installed on your Android device. You can easily update the app through the Google Play Store.

How to Change Google Map Navigation icon in your Android phone.

1. Open your Google Map on your Android.

2. Set a destination and start navigation using a car.

Change Navigation icon Google Map -2

3. Once navigation started, you will able to see the default navigation arrow icon guiding you directions towards your destination.

4. Tap on 'Navigation Arrow Icon', you will able to see 3 vehicle icons(CAR, SUV, and HATCHBACK). Select the appropriate icon for your navigation. This will become your new default icon.

Change Navigation icon Google Map -1

5. Your chosen vehicle icon will now replace the default arrow, guiding you to your destination in style.

This is a really cool way to customize the look of your Google Map's navigation. You can easily revert it back to default by repeating the above steps.

Change Navigation icon Google Map -2

Such kind of UI(User Interface) easter eggs attracting many people to use Google Maps during their day to day travel. Google Maps business listing is another value-added service we are experiencing.Google Maps' inclusion of UI easter eggs like custom vehicle icons not only enhances the user experience but also adds an element of fun. These small, enjoyable features can significantly increase user engagement and satisfaction.
Discovering Local Businesses :
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Google Map is revamping its UI and adding more important functionalities like discovering local business when you are traveling to new places. This is how Google Map is manipulating our data to deliver the best experience while discovering new places across the world.The ability to change your navigation icon is a fun and practical way to personalize your Google Maps experience. While the current options are limited, it's a welcome step towards more user-centric navigation. Stay tuned for potential future updates that might offer even greater customization possibilities.Do you really like the idea of changing the Google Maps navigation icon? Are you going to do it for your Android device? We would like to hear about your experience in the comment section.


Change Google Map Navigation icon Android
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