Celebrating 1 year Blogging Journey : Experience & Challenges Walkthrough

April 8, 2012

Finally a day come, its a time of celebration! . Today we completed our 1 year journey in  blogging with lots of  love & experience .We are thankful to all our precious readers, well wishers and contributes for their  support. It was not possible without you 🙂 .  A year ago we posted our first article on our TLD. During initial stage I went through lots of ups and down,highs and lows, I accept them as a challenge  & move ahead.I started my blogging with blogspot platform then moved to WP. The ultimate measure of any success is not where you stands in moments of comfort &  convenience, but where we are  at  a times of challenge and controversy.


  • What I learn from 1 year blogging :

I was started my blog with intention of creating a platform to share my ideas, tips & knowledge of new technology. I didn't consider it as a source of  " Making Money Online " 🙂  I always follow  Picasso tagline "Action is the foundational key to all success",which help me to take a good decision during my dreadful period. If you are ready to face crucial challanges  then blogging is for you.Starting your blog is not a difficult deal, but to maintaining it & handling it according to market is tricky 🙂

1.Work hard with full dedication:

Work hard Blog hard

A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.Their are millions of blogs are presents but to stand out of them,you really need to apply some strategy with your smart work.My first month of blogging didn't give me great visitors,but I analysed some pitfalls & I fix it accordingly. Don't focus on money during your initial blogging period, do smart work, money will follow you !!!  Working in overnight is necessary  during initial time.

2. Learn  from your mistakes:

Learn From Your Mistakes

As a newbie we aren't aware about the strategy to reach our audience, so we do lots of mistakes w.r.t SEOSocial Sharinglink building & writing etc. Mistakes are always forgivable so learn from it.

Your experience help you to avoid bigger mistakes. In blogging use genuine techniques  instead of some black hat .Their is no concept in blogging like "Fast-Food",cook a food that Google will digest easily.

I face lots of problem w.r.t  SEO strategies, recently we were affected with Google's "Above the fold algorithm", but I handled it perfectly and survive from it !

3. Prioritize quality over quantity:

Work in priority

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity. Deal with your quality work, your contents are king in all the ways. No matter how much you have written but its matter how good you have written. I saw many bloggers posting 7-8 post per days with poor quality, I also saw a booger posting 1 quality post which gaining higher than others.

4. Be specific with your Niche & writing skills:

Specific Goal for Writing skill

Niche is nothing but a subject/category of your blog, we are in technology niche. So be updated with your niche  try to give some milestone to your readers.Crack a news that is not aware to everyone.Write your post like charm, motivate your readers to take part into discussion. Accept guest post for your blog & enhance the creativity from others.Fill your blog with the breathings of your heart.Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas, be cleaver in your writing.

I know I am not good in writing but I am trying to enhance my writing skill, so that my readers can grab the things that I want to convey. I strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.

5. Building a relationship: 

building relationship blogging

It's a one of the important factor in blogging, the relationship between a blogger and his readers is almost as intimate as the relationship between a person and god. Make sure that you can life happily with your prospective readers. Always try to solve the readers queries in more specific way. Be polite & respect your visitors.

From all over the world, I get lots of good readers/writers for my blog, you can explore our discussion from these article/posts. I not only build relationship with my readers but also with lots of fellow bloggers like Rahul, Pranay, Shiva, Tushar etc. We have list of guest contributors with us, they are doing great job for us.

 6. No to "CTRL+C" and be ready to tackle disaster :


Your blog is your voice to the world , express it into your own term.you will get 2 benefits of it, people will bless your writing skill & you will stand out of the crowd. Share what is original instead of copy material.If you do copy cat work then surely Google will penalization you. I personally write  an articles in genuine way.

Their is no shortcut way for successful blogging, A life without challenge would be like going  to school without lessons to learn.Following disaster situations know-your door many time, be ready to handle with care.

1. Google Panda ( A killer animal from Google )

2. Hosting issue( server downtime, load on server)

3. Hackers, malwares  & DoS attack.

If you really want to avoid this I suggest you to use genuine SEO strategies, use better hosting(don't go with cheap hosting), keep back up of your data & implement proper security policies.

  • What blogging gifted me 

Blog Give Me

Blogging give me lots of gifts, why I said gifts instead of achievements because its a compliment from all our readers,   contributors, active members etc.  Following are he list of gift bless me & my blog.

1.Time management.

2. Google Page Rank ( PR3 ) & improve Alexa.

Traffic overview blogsaays

3. Research.

4. Stand out of crowd.

5. Management skills.

6. Writing skills .

7. Reach 1 million+  global visitors.

8. My social identity.

9. Technical analysis skills.

10. Last but not in  list MONEY INR   🙂

  • Our shot-term goals

shot term goal blogging

1. Building a better contributors team according to micro-niche .

2. Expanding our  network.

3. Improving over all site experience . 

4. Review  products.

5. Expanding our social network

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  • Expressing our  gratitude toward our readers

Namaste Word Thank You

I say a BIG NAMASTE to all my readers & contributors who help me a lot to expand our world.I am appreciate about our followers, commentators & subscribers who trust on us ! We are always ready to endeavors our skills.

If you really want to be a part of our small world then we are happy to hear about you, kindly contact us .

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. ”

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