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5 Exceptional Systems for Blogger to Increase Productivity

Increase Blogging Productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity as a blogger?

Off course, everyone wants to achieve more, drive more targeted traffic and make more money. The beauty of blogging is that you can achieve multiple successes without sacrificing the other. A lot of people still struggle to break even in their online business and that’s my motivation for this blog post. You should pause whatever you’re reading right now and go through till the end. There are rare goldmines to pick along the way.

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Internet & Computers Tutorials

Reasons behind Conflict of successful blogging


Conflict of successful blogging

What is the meaning of blogging success? Is it determined by how many readers you garner and keep? Or is it determined by the amount of monies you make through advertisements and affiliate marketing strategies? Both are necessary to be a complete blogging success. There are times however when extra importance to one of these aspects makes the whole site suffer. And that aspect which usually gets the attention is the financial one. (Who does not love money?) In the process, the blog suffers from its inability to engage the visitors and readers. One must remember that the basic premise on which readers are drawn to the blog is that reading it would affect them positively.

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Internet & Computers Tutorials

Blogging Success – Secrets to Becoming a Successful Blogger


[ Guest Post] Becoming very successful is one of the dreams of everybody. As a blogger, there are beyond reasoning why you would want to become successful in your career. Since there have been many more blogs on the internet than when blogging started initially, a lot of bloggers now have to go through some rather long process of promotion and marketing in order to become successful. While some bloggers are struggling to become very successful, some others have found some secrets to blogging success.
I am going to be sharing some secrets to becoming a successful blogger in this blog post and I hope my tips help you in your journey to become a successful blogger.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills as a Blogger

Thumb Blog Writing Skills

[GUEST POST] As a blogger who wants to grow and build a really successful blog it is very important for you to know that you will always have to be writing regularly. Your writing might be in the form of blog posts, guest posts, forum posts, email to other bloggers, reply to reader feedback and even reply to comments on your blog. Either way, you will always have to be writing regularly and the better your writing skills are the easier it is for you to succeed.

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Android Development Tutorials

Android SDK User Interface & Simple Android Example [Tutorial]


In our last Android tutorial  we discussed with Manifest file and major working aspect of android OS. Today I am illustrating  the  simple example of android using android SDK,through which I will elaborate basic configuration needed for any Android application,I also cover some part of android SDK User Interface.

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Android Development Tutorials

Android Operating System:Overview Of Manifest File,Intent,Intent Filters,Activities & tasks,Launch modes,Stack,Process &Threads


Introduction To Android Part II:

In last tutorial we covered the basic architecture of android and the workflow of  Android mobile OS.

Let’s talk about Manifest File, Intent,  Intent Filters, Activities and tasks, Launch modes, Stack, Process and Threads.

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Android Development Tutorials

[Tutorial Part:1] Introduction To Android Mobile Operating System

Android Tutorials

Hi friends, from now onwards we are going to start our new Android tutorial section, hope you will enjoy it !!! Please put your suggestions and question w.r.t our new ‘Tutorials  Section’, we are happy to hear from you !!!

 “Android is a comprehensive open source platform designed for mobile devices”.

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