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War of the Flavors: An Android Versions Story & Info-graphics

Android Versions List Flavors

Android has a sweet tooth. All the android versions are named after desserts. Starting from the Cupcake, when it was launched to the Jellybean in 2012, Android has been a savory treat for all its users. Users love the sweetness, but, is it as sweet for the developers as well, or is it turning slightly putrid?

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Five Tips On Managing Blog Comments Fairly


Comments are what keep blogging going. When it comes to your blog, you want comments. The goal of brand management is to create something that gets people to engage, to respond, to feel passionate enough about your brand that they care to share their thoughts.

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4 Obstacles You Must Overcome to Create a Successful Internet Weight Loss Business


With every passing day more and more people are making the leap to work at home and dive into the online weight loss business.Many offline weight loss business owners are taking notice of this trend and also wish to explore online avenues as the conclusion that this frontier of the market is an increasing industry that yields sizeable profits.

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20 Eye Catching Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging ways Antique pen & inkwell

Starting a blog may seem to be quite a difficult task. In this article we will provide you with some tips especially for starters in the field of blogging, which will help them and make their job easier.

1. Goal Definition

All blogs are set up with a particular goal. You need to be clear about that goal. Your blog will have greater chance of becoming successful if from the beginning you are aware of what you want to accomplish via your blog.

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Smashing Social Media Plug-ins can Improve the Ranking of your site


Ranking the website on Google has become something that you need to have a look at. The competition has become quite tougher and you need to ensure that you review your Google ranking on a daily basis. If you are to get the intended results in regard to the online business, then you need to have a strong eye on the ranking of your website. There are many of the techniques and tools that you can go for, but you have to ensure that you do the stuff in a very precise and organized way. This is highly imperative as the Google ranking is something that you have an eye on.

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Do You See A Future For Your Blog?

Future of Blogging

Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it is a little bit harder. But seeing it successfully into the future? That’s the hardest job a blogger has. With a few good ideas you can start a quality blog. Create a few blog posts, utilize your basic social media knowledge and watch it fizzle out. How do you avoid this? Create a blog plan outlining the future of your blog. This helps focus your vision and leads to a healthier blog presence.

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Four Reasons Why Photo Blogs are Better than the Text Blogs

Photography Blogs

Before I get down to the advantages that photo blogs have over the conventional ones (i.e. text blogs), let me clarify that this post is not meant to cast down the standard text based blogs. However, photo blogs do have certain edges over their counterparts in some aspects. For those who are not sure, a photo blog is a blog where photos and images take the center stage instead of the text.

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Why You Must Own Your Blog

Owning Your Blog

Once you are planning to enter the world og blogging, you may be probably faced with crucial decision whether you will allow yourself to host your blog or let specific blog platform to do it for you. There are so many platforms that you can utilize when you are planning to establish your blog. Good example of this is WordPress. Yet, it is always to host your own blog. Though this might require some sort of amount but the price of hosting your blog is not that much. There are some reasons that you have to remember on why you have to host own your blog.

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Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

best WordPress SEO Plugins

Most bloggers know the key to a successful website is to always rank high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing for certain keyword phrases that your audience is searching for. The ability to be highly visible and always rank high in the search engines is what SEO is all about and since WordPress blogs account for 80% of all blogs on the Internet the proper utilization of SEO plug-ins is very important. By using the right plug-in you can maximize (with little effort) your blogs visibility and search engine rankings immensely. There are many ways to do this through using keyword density, metatags, breadcrumbs the list goes on, so Let’s look no further than these top 5 SEO Plug-ins for WordPress:

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