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Traffic Junky Leading Online Ad Network for Quality Web


What is Traffic Junky ?

Traffic Junky is the ad network that manages the advertising on highly trafficked tube sites and is considered as one of the leading online Ad Network that offers Advertisers with large volume of good quality web, mobile and tablet traffic. Traffic Junky help publishers to maximize their online inventory revenue and helps you tap in the right traffic source for your business. Traffic Junky provides a versatile, intelligent CPM-based advertising platform which facilitates advertisers and publishers alike to achieve their e-marketing goals. With more than 3 billion web, mobile and tablet ad impressions served to 150 million daily visitors, Traffic Junky offers advertisers extensive reach to their target audience. Their cost is 90% cheaper than Google AdWorks and Facebook Ads.

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Feras Antoon Reports : A Professional Blogger & Entrepreneur


Mr. Feras Antoon currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at Feras Antoon Reports Ltd. and is a very experienced entrepreneur who started his career as a blogger. He writes so passively about the industries like Business, Technology as well as World. He actively writes about all these fields in his blog named “Feras Antoon Reports” where he inspires quotes and stories about Business, Technology and World news.

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Recording Google Hangouts Calls on a PC or Mac with Movavi Screen Capture

As Google Hangouts has matured it has grown into a pretty amazing communications platform, capable of instant messaging, SMS, video chat and voice calls. It is a great way to keep in touch, conduct meetings, or even simply ‘hang out’ – but there is one limitation: While you can go over logs of the messages that you send, the same does not apply to any voice or video calls.

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SlideModel: The Ultimate Resource for Professional PowerPoint Templates

slidemodel ppt free templates

PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools for presenters. It has been in the market for more than two decades and is still valid. Furthermore, Microsoft PowerPoint which is part of the Microsoft Office suite, is installed in billion of PCs around the world. This single fact makes PowerPoint compatible across business environments and professionals who are using the software to prepare and deliver their presentations.

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Mobile Applications Softwares

KeepVid: Download Facebook Videos,YouTube Videos,Instagram Videos on Android Free


Internet Connectivity is still one of the pricier things in the world, especially in developing countries. Because of this, not many have the privilege to stream video content every time they want to watch it. That is why it becomes necessary to download video content and store it for later watching. Quite sadly, not all websites let you download videos and store them offline.

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Internet & Computers Softwares

ReclaimMe: DeletedFile DataRecovery Software for HDD, RAID, Memory Card


Digital devices created revolutionary changes in our daily lifestyle. If you consider your digital device as heart then storage of same is our brain. Which always persist our data perfectly. Many time we accidentally wipe out some important data from our hard disk, memory card or RAID storage etc. So to recover this data quickly is hardly impossible for newbie who have less knowledge of computer systems. Now question is do we have to invite some technician to recover our data? Absolutely no ! their is ultimate solution available  to recover your data easily using lightweight application.

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Games Security Softwares

Learning Tablet Apps to Entertain Your Toddler

Vtech tablet for kids

Parents know that toddlers have a healthy curiosity for the world around them. Kids seem to come hardwired ready to embrace technology these days. Unfortunately the technology your toddler is most likely embracing is probably your expensive tablet computer or smartphone. And without all the parental controls on tablets they could easily go from watching Dora The Explorer and switch over to watch bones online which may not be your ideal child program of choice. It is much easier to lock them into something that is both entertaining and educational so that you can rest assured that they are using their time constructively.

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Security Softwares

Bitdefender Windows 8 Antivirus : Secure your Metro Apps

Bitdefender Windows8 Security

Recently Microsoft launched their most waited operating system Windows 8. A new & reimagine version of  windows is having great customization and features. Windows 8 is now buzzword as they are targeting it into major device platforms like PC, Tablet and mobile etc. Large availability of  product leads more security issues. Now hackers  analysing new metro UI & metro apps for serious vulnerabilities. Remember “Prevention is better than Cure” and this principle is  also applied  in virtual world too ! Core windows components are not that much strong to fight with external attacks.

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Zoomit – Screen Zoom & Annotation Tool for Presentations & App Demos on Big Screen

ZoomIt-windows-mac zooming tool

Power Point Presentations are  key factors to demonstrate any application in details. They will help us to know major functionality  of any product. Consider a scenario where you are a ‘Backbencher’ in some product launch event and presenter  sharing some code specific data with audience and unfortunately your not able to get it due to lack of distance & font visibility, look like a really annoying situation for both presenter and backbencher like me 😀 . I personally faced such situation & now I found out a way to get rid from those problems.

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