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LEO Privacy Guard: An Android App Lock to Keep Your Privacy


Nowadays, Smartphones have become the best way to know someone! From photos to selfie shots, from notes to all kinds of personal messages and from preferences and tastes; literally, everything can be known from Smartphones if you know how to check! This is the same reason why you should be a bit careful while handing over your phone to a stranger, or even a not-so-close friend! Of course, we cannot refuse to give them the phone when they ask. But, you do have a better option — to use a privacy guard, and LEO Privacy Guard is one of the best choices you can go for! In this post, however, we have a review of LEO Privacy Guard, exploring different aspects of the multipurpose solution, available for Android Smartphones.

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4 Free Tools to Unblock Block Websites in India


Every Internet user has rights to browse everything across the web. There is no doubt that Internet is making people more aware and smart, but as this wave is increasing in the world, we are able to see some bad side effects of same. Recently Indian government ordered few ISP’s to ban Porn Sites and few useful sites like GitHub, PasteBin etc. Banning harmful sites is really appreciable but banning useful sites is unethical and its violation of internet rights of every human in this world.

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How to do Secure Online Shopping & Browsing

Safe E-commerce Lock

In the age of the Internet  & emerging technology ,we can get anything from remote location with the help of  E-Commerce technology. which is really time savey and lightning fast process. Their is no harassment of waiting in queues, no need to carry physical cash etc. These stuffs play very crucial role in our life. Many peoples and Banks offering the Internet Banking Service to their customers either via Credit, Debit or E-Cash Cards. All of this functionality help us a lot in our day-to-day life to pay our Electricity bill, Telephone bill etc. This ubiquitous way helping us to save our time as well as our efforts too. Though all this looks great we must be careful while consuming all these stuff.

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Learning Tablet Apps to Entertain Your Toddler

Vtech tablet for kids

Parents know that toddlers have a healthy curiosity for the world around them. Kids seem to come hardwired ready to embrace technology these days. Unfortunately the technology your toddler is most likely embracing is probably your expensive tablet computer or smartphone. And without all the parental controls on tablets they could easily go from watching Dora The Explorer and switch over to watch bones online which may not be your ideal child program of choice. It is much easier to lock them into something that is both entertaining and educational so that you can rest assured that they are using their time constructively.

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Secure Internet Gateways: What you need to know

Computer Gateway Protection SIG

To kick things off, a secure internet gateway (SIG) is a secure Internet connection which protects IT systems, website and networks from cyber threats.  Thousands of online visitors may access a business or government website daily, requiring a system which allows legitimate visitors access, while guarding against intruders.  Obviously, this system needs to be finely tuned, to be able to repel persistent cyber attacks while welcoming and accommodating for regular, more well-intentioned guests.

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Bitdefender Windows 8 Antivirus : Secure your Metro Apps

Bitdefender Windows8 Security

Recently Microsoft launched their most waited operating system Windows 8. A new & reimagine version of  windows is having great customization and features. Windows 8 is now buzzword as they are targeting it into major device platforms like PC, Tablet and mobile etc. Large availability of  product leads more security issues. Now hackers  analysing new metro UI & metro apps for serious vulnerabilities. Remember “Prevention is better than Cure” and this principle is  also applied  in virtual world too ! Core windows components are not that much strong to fight with external attacks.

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Potential Vulnerabilities of WordPress Self Hosting


WordPress is an interactive blogging platform & great CMS  and working in conjunction with a SQL database to store data files. It is the mostly used blogging platform that powering 50 million blogs all over the web the number which comprises both self-hosted and sub-domain blogs.

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Use Virtual Credit Card to Shop Online Safely

Credit cards security virtual card

Day by day online frauds are increasing very rapidly. The  craze of an eCommerce system attracting customers to buy their essential things from remotely, which is really appreciable & good thing !

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