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Top 7 Best Apps for Learning

Future Education

Can you imagine that just recently students studied without smartphones, social networks and even without the Internet? Over the past 5-10 years, everything has changed dramatically. Thanks to modern gadgets and applications, learning has become more like a game than a routine process.

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How to Setup Location Based Alarm when You’re Near to Reach your Destination


The world is so close due to technology and availability of transportation. You can easily visit your hometown on any day from any place. I believe Technology also making us lazy & tired as mobile phones become our BFF(Best Freind Forever). Everyone’s attention is on that tiny rectangular magical device human invented ever. You can find most of the people either listening to songs or be chatting with friends on Whatsapp/Snapchat/Facebook etc. while traveling from a taxi, bus or any local transportation services.

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How to Free up Space on iPhone

iphone data eraser

The Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and respected smartphones of the modern era. The Apple branding behind the device gives it the class it deserves. From performance to stability to security, everything is top notch with the iPhone. However, there is one major drawback that the iPhone and iPhone users across the world face at a time. That is the availability of compatible software for various utilities.

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The Top Car Apps That Can Help Many Drivers


As an individual, you understand how technology plays a role in your daily life. With different innovations, tasks become more comfortable, and you get to do more even with little time. Since you’re also a driver, you want to know how technology could possibly help you when you’re behind the wheel. You know technology can do that in a lot of ways. You might be heard about top car apps but it’s really important to understand which is best suitable for you.

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NEET 2018 Preparation: Most Reliable Mobile Apps to Crack the Exam


Today we are here to present you top 3 mobile apps that will help you to prepare for NEET 2018. Before we tell you about these apps, let us first discuss the important role mobile apps play in your preparation.

Importance of Mobile Apps:

In this fast-changing digital world, mobile apps are very beneficial for everyone and when we talk about studying from them, the importance of these apps is automatically increased. These can make your study plan much easier than before. For example, the app will reduce your burden of carrying books everywhere for studies, as with the help of these you can get all the related information just on a single click on your smartphones.

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How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android devices

Data is one of the most valuable assets in today’s world. Have you accidentally deleted important contacts from your phone? Were your documents on a PC erased by a virus? In either case, you might want to have them recovered and to prevent such an accident from happening you may want to backup your files on another device. Here we take a look at dr fone, a multipurpose app that allows you to recover lost info and backup your files as well as switch between different platforms!

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Testing an Idea for A Mobile App: Does Your App Solve a Problem?

designer drawing mobile website development wireframe

Building a mobile app is an opportunity for a continuous source of income via the original purchase of the app, in-app purchases, advertisements and more – such as white-labeling your app.The main challenge you face when developing and testing an idea for a mobile app is what app to make. It must be useful for people to want to purchase it, or to make in-app purchases.

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Android Home Automation With Free Smartphone Application


Home automation is something which, by now, encompasses a huge range of products and ideas, from simple chair lifts to a more complicated motion system security set-up. There is so much involved under this one umbrella that getting confused is something which happens a lot – keeping everything straight in your own mind as to what you want and need out of automation is the first step towards learning what automation you want.
When it comes to home automation, the twenty-first century has brought with it a lot of advances in terms of how we ourselves can use these automated devices. More and more devices are now coming with apps which the homeowner can use to control the device remotely, making the range of their use much bigger than it was before.

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Move Media to SD Card easily using MoveIT Android App

MoveIT Android App

The biggest problem faced by the android user is running on low storage.  Due to which we can not use our phone to the fullest. Most of our phones are filled with important Images, Videos, and Audios which cannot be deleted and only transferred to SD Card to free up some space in the internal storage.

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