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LIKE App: A Magical Video Editing App Every Instagramer Must Use

LIKE APP Magical effect

If you are looking for an app to have fun while making videos along with playing with your creativity, then your wait is over. The app world has become more exciting with the addition of the amazing LIKE app. The app has got all the features that are sufficient enough to attract the users towards it and play with their innovative, unique and most importantly creative ideas and imagination.

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KeepVid: Download Facebook Videos,YouTube Videos,Instagram Videos on Android Free


Internet Connectivity is still one of the pricier things in the world, especially in developing countries. Because of this, not many have the privilege to stream video content every time they want to watch it. That is why it becomes necessary to download video content and store it for later watching. Quite sadly, not all websites let you download videos and store them offline.

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How to Get Free PR for Your Mobile App

Mobile-app marketing

PR is one of the best sources of free traffic and finding ways to get users cost-efficiently is critically important if you’re looking to build a viable business model.But for a new startup, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are thousands of apps launching each month and not all of them get the desired coverage.

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Cashless is New Economy & Paytm is making it Safe & Secure


The Internet is an oxygen for many people across the world but still lots of people are frightened about internet cash i.e digital cash, because of some trust and security myths. The Internet is a very mature child right now and I can say we are living in the best time of universe where you do anything within few clicks. So to surpass those fears an eWallet was introduced into the market.In India, you will find best use case of eWallet due to recent demonetization

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7 Kickass Facts About Live Streaming Services You Should Not Miss


If you ask me what changed in last decade, I’ll definitely not say its technology rather I can say its consumer behaviour. It is one of the best historic change we are experiencing right now. Though its text, image, video or audio contents. Tremendous evolution happening in this space where every single data is more valuable than diamonds. 🙂 I guess this is what Zuk and Larry thought when they started those big giants of an Internet revolution. I love technology no doubt on it but what matters is to make an impact using those technologies. It should be consumer driven, not only tech driven.Which is nothing but win-win situation for any product/service in current market.

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Killer Facts of 7 Best Live Streaming Apps You Shouldn’t Miss


Digital interactivity is on the move. The Internet coupled with the race of unique applications that have surfaced in recent times is providing platforms to share talent and get noticed instantly.

One such genre where this is incessantly happening is live streaming. Ever since, dubsmash videos started going viral, new and interesting ways to showcase and popularize videos are gaining popularity. Numerous live streaming applications have surfaced that provide instant access to millions of videos and also allow you to share your videos instantly with audiences.

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Booking Your Next Trip is Very Easy with MakeMyTrip Mobile APP


Marry Ritter Beard once said “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Regardless where you are planning to explore, the place would have some sorts of unknown things for you, arranged in the non-common manifestations. Though some people say that good travellers have no plans whatsoever, it’s always good to have a planned journey, especially when you are with your loved ones or when the destination isn’t that familiar.

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Current App Development Trends You Don’t want to Miss

Android iOS App

Understanding today’s app development trends certainly helps in creating your own app! Staying on top of if not ahead of the trends is one of several ways to ensure app success, so check out current app development trends and get inspired & start building your next generation venture.

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Free and Legal Music : Where to Find Creative Commons Tunes

Creative Commons Tunes

Mention “free” and “music” in the same sentence, and some people still freak out. Everyone knows about the Napster Vs Metallica saga, but few are aware that free music – albeit in the form of creative commons – is making a huge comeback. Believe it or not, it’s ridiculously easy to find cheap and even free music all over the Internet legally.

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