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5 Ways Earth Network’s Technology Can Help You Make Intelligent Weather Decisions


While the weather is not always our first priority, you should definitely be aware of your environment in order to keep yourself and your home safe. In most cases, being prepared can go a long way, and you should have a plan with your family that covers outdoor and at home safety and awareness of harsh weather in your area. One of the basic ways to avoid weather related problems is to simply use a reliable outdoor weather station such as Earth Networks.  Here are five ways that Earth Networks technology can help you keep track of the weather in your area:

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Space Debris : Hazardous problem in Space

space debris

Space debris has become a growing concern in recent years, since collisions at orbital velocities can be highly damaging to functioning satellites and can also result into more space debris.  Some spacecraft, like the International Space Station, are now armored to deal with this hazard. Armor and mitigation measures make satellites or human spaceflight vehicles like the shuttles very expensive and heavy.

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