Cashless is New Economy & Paytm is making it Safe & Secure

Updated on: July 4, 2022

The Internet is an oxygen for many people across the world but still lots of people are frightened about internet cash i.e digital cash, because of some trust and security myths. The Internet is a very mature child right now and I can say we are living in the best time of universe where you do anything within few clicks. So to surpass those fears an eWallet was introduced into the market.In India, you will find best use case of eWallet due to recent demonetization

E-Wallet Payment

In today's advanced time, when innovation leads the world, it is conceivable to run shopping with a virtual wallet. Using an E-wallet  for payment is an upcoming fashion. Goods you want to purchase  can be exchanged safely by means of an e-wallet from anywhere.



At the point when discussing e-wallet, it is a prepaid internet cash system through which cash can be paid in various monetary standards. By utilizing a worldwide card, clients can make all the basic changes in accordance with their financials to verify that their payouts and funds are boosted for extreme worth. Also, wallet installments are a protected method for paying bills as every one of the exchanges are continued a safe system and clients can be rest guaranteed that their own data is not open to any outsider.

Better Efficiency

The overhead costs that accompany paper checks are not needed to the customers. You are required to pay a respective sum for specific exchanges. Nonetheless, with wallet installments, better productivity can be guaranteed with decreased overhead expenses. Also, you can browse unique methods of payment that are accessible, with regards to paying your electricity bills, water bills etc.


Enhanced Payment Options

One of the beauties of eWallet is, it support heterogeneous cards & multiple banks across the nation. So while making payment using any kind of card though its RuPay or VISA or MasterCard is very simple. Payment options are secured with OTP transaction which creating seamless user experience while doing check out.

Reduced Chances of Fraud

With high-tech security tools as well as 2-factor authentication, wallet payments are deemed secure. Not only safe transactions are carried out while making the payments, but comprehensive authentication of consumers and the network is also ensured. In addition, personal details of consumers are also kept confidential through encryption. You can also be certain that the information you provide while making the payments is not shared with any third party. This helps in a minimizing probability of identity theft, eventually resulting into reduced chances of fraud.

cashback paytm

Cashback/Discounts to Save Money

Another beauty of eWallet is they have a variety of offers which help you to get cash back amount which is not possible in the traditional online payment system. Cashback functionality not only saves money of user but also enable them to do more transaction to utilize that money hence the trust factor increase drastically within users. It's a win-win situation for both.

Paytm best eWallet in India :

If it's come to eWallet in India, Paytm always stands in top position. Paytm is an Indian e-commerce company who built revolutionary eWallet system and spread it across the country after currency demonetization. I'm a very big fan of it & using in my day to day life.

Paytm support and trust is very high which ultimately making them best eWallet in India.


How to Download Paytm App:

1. Simply go to PlayStore or Apple app store & look for PAYTM

2. Download Paytm for AndroidPaytm for iOS

3. Signup using your mobile number and then verify your number using OTP.

4. Start enjoying cashless payments.


How you use Paytm in your daily life ?

1. Using their eWallet for online purchasing. e.g : Pay bills, Movie tickets, Flight booking etc.

2. Using eWallet for offline purchase by simply scanning QR code at merchants shop or using registered number.e.g Grocery shop,taxi etc.

3. You can withdraw/accept Paytm money to your bank as well as you can send it within Paytm eWallet.

4. Find the nearest merchant using Nearby feature.

Steps to do transactions using Paytm:

1. Add Money: Adding money from your CC/DC/Internet banking is way easy using quick steps of Paytm mentioned below.


2. Pay/send Money:

If you want to Pay/send money to someone using Paytm wallet then it's very simple with few steps mentioned below.

  1. By scanning Bar/QR code
  2. By sharing OTP code or showing bar code to the merchant, you need to navigate to "Pay> Show Code" for barcode rendering.
  3. By entering a mobile number of respective person.


Send Money Back to Your Bank Using "Send Money to bank " Option. :

If you have enough balance in your Paytm wallet or received some cashback from Paytm and want to push it back to your bank account then simply use "Send to Bank" option of Paytm. Over their, you have to simply give your bank details, IFSC code where you want to push it back.


Paytm will do rest of the things and you will receive that amount in your bank within NEFT time. In short digital revolution and the cashless economy is started by PayTm and we all have to use it have safe, secure and transparent  transactions which are really good for a country and busy people like us.

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