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Updated on: March 24, 2019
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There are circumstances such as forgetting important things on a daily basis. Sometimes we forgot android lock screen password due to some memory confusions. It is a devastating situation, that a lot of people can deny. It is the real nature of being a human, however, technology produces various ways to prevent this kind of bad habit. This usually occurs to those individuals who are not young anymore.

One of the worst situations that every individual can encounter it is when opening their cellphones and forget their own passcode to do so. Cellphones are considered today as needs, people are united because of this device. This also allows every individual in the world to communicate, buy things online, surfing to the internet and even playing games. It is essential to society as it plays a vital role in the lives of the people.

One of these apps is categorized into fixing software like iMyFone Lockwiper. This iMyFone LockWiper is the newest software that can help people to unlock a disabled, locked Android phone. It is an easier way to gain access and secure protection again. Experiencing difficulties in opening the Android is such a challenging case. Then, having this software on the phone is always an option.

iMyFone Lock wiper is a tool that can bypass the Android, iPhone/iPad lock screen in just a minute. This lock wiper, it can be operated in a Windows computer or Mac PC, people don’t need to worry if someone put a wrong passcode in their phones, as they can always fix it using the said devices.

Use of iMyFone Lock Wiper

1. The good thing about this iMyfone Lock Wiper is it can easily help you to remove the screen lock of android device. Removing any types of screen lock is not a problem at all as it can be done without a passcode, no tech required.  It's really a great help for all Android users, which help to protect your smartphone from any harmful actions along with its safety


  1. It can help to unlock 4 digits, 6 digits, face ID and touch ID locked as well. It can be done for just a few steps to follow and clicks the button.

  2. NOTE: After using this IMyfone Lock WIper, you don’t need to expect that your files and other documents you have on your device will be saved. The cons of using this kind of Lock wiper is that it can format your device. Messages, files, videos, photos and even important things you have saved from your iPhones is gone. On the contrary, you can always save another one as you can have access again to your device.

  3. Helps every individual to get back into their own locked, faulty button, disabled and also the broken screen can be done also. This can be done into major Android devices, users have always an option if they are having a hard time unlocking devices.

  4. You can always use iMyfone lock wiper in fixing your Android device without any hassle. In such cases of rebooting, stuck at Android logo or even in a white and back screen. phone_set_support

  5. It is easy to use, as it is compatible with major Android phone running the latest OS. Compatibility is very important as this app can perform flexible.

Steps to Unlock Android Locked Screen using iMyFone Lock Wiper

Steps 1 :

You need to install and launch iMYFone Lock Wiper to your PC or Mac. Then connect your Android device which you want to unlock. It will auto-detect your device.

iMyfone LockWiper check_connect

If your device will not detect then you can explicitly choose it from its dashboard

imyphone LockWiper android unlock

Steps 2 :

In the next step, LockWiper will download unlocking data package for your device


Steps 3 :

Once all data package download complete then you have to follow on-screen instructions to unlock your android locked screen. You have to put your device into recovery mode by following on-screen instructions without disconnecting cable.


Next step is you have to do a factory reset of your Android device. which will wipe all your data and it will start the device unlocking process.

factory reset imyphone lockwiper

Step 4 :

Now you have to wait till software will do the removal of device lock. After finishing unlocking process you can use it normally.


When You Might Need to Use IMyFone Lockwiper?

  • Someone tries to open your phone several times and putting the wrong passcode. This may cause a device lock or permanently disables of the screen.

  • Android phone is malfunction due to the faulty button, broken screen or other technical issues.

  • You purchased a second-hand Android device which is having a screen lock.

  • Someone gets unauthorize access to your phone and using the wrong pin to unlock it

  • The call to action of the device, when strange issues occur to your device and you have no idea on when to start and how to fix it.

If you have any queries to unlock screen of your locked android phone then please feel free to ask in comments iMyFone LockWiper is the best tool to bypass your lock screen of the Android device.

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