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Updated on: August 29, 2020

There is no doubt in the fact that a Virtual Private Server is the best choice when your shared web server isn’t able to handle all the traffic your blog or site receives! You’ll have a lot of features such as enhanced security and availability of exclusive resources, despite the fact that you need to pay a bit more.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Nevertheless, the important thing is that it’s all about whether you choose the best VPS or at least one of the best VPSs, in industry so that you can be confident! In this post, we would like to introduce an impressive VPS provider, which offers affordable & powerful solutions for VPS needs of yours — Host1Plus. We found the combination of affordability and performance quite rare, by the way.

Host1Plus — VPS Hosting & More

Although VPS Hosting plans of Host1Plus are just awesome, Host1Plus is an all-in-one solution you can depend upon, when you need top-notch web-hosting based features. The company offers shared web hosting, dedicated servers & reseller hosting along with the predominant VPS one. Here, however, we have focused our attention to the cheap & effective Virtual Private Server hosting sector of Host1Plus. We have judged the service on basis of several aspects as usability of interface and easiness of choosing plans and all.

Plans & Pricing

As we said earlier, Host1Plus is the best VPS provider you can find, in terms of affordability. Understanding different requirements of people, Host1Plus offers four different VPS Hosting plans, which are:

  • Bronze offers 0.5 Core CPU, 256MB RAM, 20GB of storage and 500GB Bandwidth; its Los Angeles server does cost $2.50
  • Silver offers Single core CPU, 768MB RAM, 30GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth; LA server available for $5.00
  • Gold comes with Dual Core CPU, offering 2GB RAM; 40GB Storage and 2TB Bandwidth. LA server costs $15
  • Platinum, the ultimate plan, gives Quad-core CPU, 70GB Storage and 3TB Bandwidth. LA server for $40

Best VPS Hosting Host1Plus

It is to be noted than Host1Plus VPS Hosting comes with support for different server locations, such as LA, Chicago & Sao Paulo etc. However, you may need to pay a bit more for particular server locations. In that case, we love the plan section of Host1Plus.

Host1Plus server location

Host1Plus Features :

1. Easy to Manage Your Services

This is the section we loved most in Host1Plus! Regardless your technical knowledge, Host1Plus lets you manage the different hosting services you have purchased from the company, from the same page, you can manage a lot of stuff such as the DNS information, payment section etc. From the intuitive dashboard, you can move on to the list-service section, where you can get data about each service you own.


2. Enhanced & Quick Customer Support :

Similarly, there are options to avail instant support from experts at customer support section of Host1Plus. There are different options to seek support, such as the Ticket System and Live Chat. Live chat can be accessed right away from the dashboard, whereas there will be status of unsolved tickets in the page.

Host1plus Support

3. Powerful Web & Mobile Responsive UI

Altogether, seeking and managing all the Host1Plus VPSs and other services (Including domains) is an easy task with the superb dashboard & responsive mobile design. In addition, when it comes to the VPS page, there are some options like reinstallation of OS and some other techy stuff. In the end, we will give a high-five for the usability of Host1Plus’ control panel UI.

Host1Plus Mobile Discount VPS

4. Miscellaneous Features You Love to get 

Other noticeable features of Host1Plus VPS hosting will surely impress you! Some of them are the use of HDD & SSD, which gives you stable storage, auto-installer scripts for the easier set up of CMSs and blogging platform etc; last but not least, you have the power of customizability, which lets you have the VPS with features you require.


Though apparent, we loved the total VPS Hosting concept of Host1Plus, which gives foremost importance to usability of Interface. After all, it’s rare when you get usability, performance and affordability altogether, you know! Grab Host1Plus Coupon Code for amazing discount.


Host1Plus VPS hosting
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