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Updated on: October 28, 2019

You cant buy happiness but you can buy car & thats the kind of same thing !

Its Absolutely true for all car lovers who like to travel and enjoy their weekend with friends and family. This ubiquitous technology revolution now calling all travel enthusiastic to try different flavours of cars and I say Renault is good and tastier choice for consumers in India, I never lie about quality and yes as I got a chance to hands on their logically proof Renault Lodgy, I proudly say its a car with wheel & handling magic which every logical person badly need in their life.

Renault Lodgy White

The reason was  Renault India #LiveLodgycal event which was held in the amazingly excellent Leela Palace Resort in Goa. Me & other 39 fellow bloggers from all over the country got a chance to drive & explore beauty of Renault Lodgy across wet & muddy street of Goa during monsoon season, What an awesome rides we had ! Our team Drivolodgy and others started our excited journey
Renault Drivology Team

Last year Renault launched AWD Duster in india & it got good response from market however as its SUV, so it could situate just 5 individuals, no doubt the auto did amazingly well but requests poured in from clients to make the Duster a seven-seater however Renault couldn't give the Duster the additional two seats. To be honest they want to fill this demand  thus to indulge that crowd this french car manufacture currently turning out with a MPV( Multi Purpose Vehicle). It's known as the Lodgy by Renault, this auto will join the execution and solace of a vehicle with the space and comfort of best MPV in market.

Renault Lodgy Black

Lodgy come with longer wheelbase along with 3 row of seating, we can find it in 7 sitter or 8 sitter variant which is quite comfortable and useful for long drive. You will find lodgy with this dress code "Absolute Steel, Indigo Breeze, Royal Orchid, Planet Grey, Moonlight Silver, Pearl White". As I personally driven Lodgy, I want to share you few key points which I like about this MVP beast.

Specification of Renault Lodgy

Attributes Values
 Transmission Type Manual
 Gears Speeds 5
 Mileage (Overall)  21.04 kmpl
 Seating Capacity 7/8
 Fuel Tank Capacity 50 Liters
Torque 200Nm @ 1,900 rpm
Displacement 1461 cc
Power 85PS @ 3,750 rpm
Boot Space 207 liters
Overall Length & Height 4498 mm & 1697 mm
PriceTag 8.19 L - 12.29 L

4 Attractive Features of Renault Lodgy

1. Large Space

I can say lodgy is so comfortable from inside, its a hotel table for family during rainy season which ultimately signifies how spacious it is ! We can eat, jump & dance. As its having 3 broad & comfortable rows we can tweak with them according to our needs, I seriously like their above the fold feature which help us to rollback all 2 rows and utilise it either for large storage or for dance, fun, masti 🙂

Large Space Renault lodgy

2. Safety & Control

Safety and security are most essential factors every consumer always look on priority and Renault Lodgy never disappoint you in this. Its ABS and electronic break distribution with break assist help you to manage this MVP very quickly during high speed. Smooth steering wheel help us to control direction very easily and sharply. When I was driving I felt like I was playing NFS game and controlling my car with very soft touch. During sharp turn I was able to suppress risky situations and our team #Drivolodgy never forgot it 🙂

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHPwMgs8-4E']

During our entire journey with Lodgy we got opportunity to click few awesome videos, you can see how the control system and quick breaks make lodgy more promising as your next favourite MVP.

Safety RENAULT Lodgy

Top end model of lodgy include driver and traveler side airbags that decrease the danger of damage in the case of a crash, this will get automatically trigger when something went wrong but its recommended you must wear seat belt at every time when you drive. It also have keyless operation and powerful central locking system. Best part of top end model is its highly customised than any other MVP.

3. Outer Beauty and Inner Comfort

The new Renault Lodgy highlights a gem studded front grille, energetic anthracite completion alloy wheels with solid and classy wheel curve cladding, a sporty two-tone bumper and appealing side trim that is both striking and defensive. Wherever you decide to go, bring style with you.

Renault Lodgy Frot Look

inside, there is space for each extravagant. With the Renault Lodgy's 8-way versatile driver's seat, lodge wide ventilating with customizable vents, MediaNav with back perspective camera, journey control and pace limiter, go about your reality in exclusively custom-made solace.

Renault Lodgy Interior Look

4. Ergo drive

ErgoDrive is driving flawlessness. It's what you get when the force of the Lodgy's engine is ideally joined with smooth taking care of, general vehicle flow, execution and an effective powertrain. During my driving I personally sense this feature during gear shifting and immediate speed control.


Ergo drive feature emphasises on reliability of engine and milage of car. This make Lodgy more fuel efficient in MVP range. If you want to try and feel this feature during test drive don't forgot to ask about this, it actually give you better idea about engine transmission and gear shifting.

We drove the Lodgy and we enjoyed all days with lots of awesome events and presentations. Here is brief LogicalEnjoyment movements during our Renault Lodgy event. I had very great team mates called #Drivologies.


Day 1:

We all were boarded from different cities to attend this awesome event at The Lila Palace Resort in Goa, that was an awesome day from start to end. Foggy roads, light showers and dark greenery of Goa mesmerised us. We got very unique welcome by the Renault & BlogAdda teams. We all were amazed with inside beauty of The Lila Palace. After having our short refreshment we all were headed towards our rooms, which were more comfortable than we imagine, It had very energetic lake view too.

The Lila Resort goa

After relaxing on highly comfortable bed all bloggers were recharged their battery and headed towards the presentation ceremony of Renault Lodgy. We got lots of insights about car directly from Renault experts, which actually helped us during our next days long drive. Each blogger were connected strongly with each other like never before, networking helped us to see variety of quality bloggers present inside ballroom. Later on we had awesome and delicious dinner then everyone rollbacked their feet towards their room.

Live Lodgycal Renault Lodgy event

Day 2: 

Every morning make you feel energetic, but this day 2 morning was super fantastic as all lazy bloggers like me waked up early morning, its like night owl became sun risers. Each team was ready to rock with flag off event of Reanult Lodgy, every team got different models of Lodgy to catch all roads of Goa. We all were started with black Lodgy with lots of selfies and group pics. During our journy we completely explored the  Lodgy and seriously we all fall in love with its performance and handling. Meantime we did many funny tasks and executed it on special requests by Reanult & BlogAdda.

Renault Lodgy Goa Drive

We drove Lodgy around 65KM along with entire bloggers teams, I cant say how we spend pleasant movement with rocking  music system of Lodgy. After returning back to hotel everyone was so tired and we all expected to have rest but their was a big surprise for all of us and it was nothing but a Musical Band Night. Ohhh that was the real logical experience everyone had during Renault livelodgycal event. I too don't know how we all got recharged automatically & rocked the dance floor with various genres of music along with Top band in Goa

Best Music Band In Goa The Lila resort


We were lucky enough to got an opportunity to explore new sensational  MVP flagship by Renault. In few line I can say.

Team Work Makes It Dream Work

I hope you will definitely take test drive of Reanault Lodgy & share your experience with us.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India.

Pics Credits: All Blooger team and Renault

Renault Lodgy White
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