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Updated on: October 28, 2019
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Marry Ritter Beard once said “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Regardless where you are planning to explore, the place would have some sorts of unknown things for you, arranged in the non-common manifestations. Though some people say that good travellers have no plans whatsoever, it’s always good to have a planned journey, especially when you are with your loved ones or when the destination isn’t that familiar.


Unlike the old days, however, things have become way much easier in this 21st century, thanks to the stunning developments in the era of Consumer-friendly technology and its applications. Now, a wide range of stuff — from finding worth-exploring places to booking hotels for the time — is possible if you’ve an internet connection and a Smartphone.

Make My Trip Mobile App

Out of several travel-based platforms out there, MakeMyTrip is probably the best, especially when you need to have every aspect of your travel in one place. By collaborating different resources such as train/bus/flight booking and the option for hotel booking, MakeMyTrip helps a lot of people who are a bit conscious about planned travels. With the introduction of its dedicated Smartphone app — available for both Android and iOS —, MakeMyTrip has brought the power into your hands, and you can access your travel plan, universally. In this post, we shall review MakeMyTrip app for Android Smartphones, exploring various aspects of the app from user’s point of view.

MakeMyTrip for Android — an Intro

MakeMyTrip App is more than a typical mobile version of the popular travel site; and it has been developed in such a well thought out manner that you will have a quick-enough travel planning and management experience, right from screen. Of course, almost everything you do in the web-based version of MakeMyTrip is possible from the app as well, from reading travel-based stories to booking packages that will take you to unexplored places. Also, you get to know a lot of stuff that would be useful during your travel, for that matter. At any case, as MakeMyTrip comes with a really BIG collection of hotels, packages and travel listings, you will find what you are looking for.

Make my trip booking

Using the App

We’d tried out MakeMyTrip for Android we were really impressed with the speed and performance. The one and only thing that you need for using the app is an account in MakeMyTrip. This account can be created in a few seconds, by the way.

Make My Trip Mobile App

Once you have signed in, you get a personalized version of MakeMyTrip main section, where you not only have kind of overview about your planned journeys but also an all-in-one platform to book everything you need for an awesome trip.

Make My Trip Discount

While the My Trips section lets you know status of your upcoming & past trips, the Wallet section gives you a special kind of discount, through MakeMyTrip credits. Also, there’s a referral programme that you can use for earning points in MakeMyTrip.

Altogether, usability of MakeMyTrip app for Android is just impressive and everyone — we say that, everyone — will have a clear travel-planning experience with the app.

The User Interface

Right from initiation of the app, MakeMyTrip App for Android was noted for the simple-yet-effective User Interface it has. As you can see in the images, it’s really easy to book tickets and select dates, such as the calendar-based section and enhanced search. Talking of speed, even with a 2G, EDGE connection, MakeMyTrip for Android was quick to give us reliable results in the shortest time possible. What we can say in light of our experience is that everyone — even a kid — will love to use the app.

Make My Trip Mobile App

Notable Features

  • When you have found some stunning deals — such as Hotels in Himachal for 50% off, you don’t have to open the links in another browser. On the other hand, MakeMyTrip app comes with Deep Links feature that opens certain web pages in the app itself.

Make my trip mobile app booking

  • Better Integration with the phone & browser is yet another feature. For instance, when you click on a page / URL that’s linked to MakeMyTrip, you can directly launch MakeMyTrip app for Android. So, you don’t have the trouble of using some mobile friendly site when there’s a fully-fledged app.
  • Spotlight Search is quite impressive in such a way that it gives results that you really need. For instance, if it’s about searching for the Taj, the app can be a part of your search results, as it comes with Taj rooms listing. In short, you don’t need much of other apps.

The Bottom Line

Considering the simpler User Interface and the richness of features, MakeMyTrip for Android is a superb choice, for you have everything at one place. If you’re into planned packages and tours, MakeMyTrip for Android is a must, we’ll say. Download the MakeMyTrip mobile app. #StayReady

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