Blogger Outreach and How Can Be Effective For Your SEO Efforts

Updated on: January 11, 2024

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a vital part of any marketer's digital marketing strategy. After all, your website holds the best means to show off your voice in a more concrete and direct manner. However, instead of just relying on creating efficient user experiences, stunning website design, and writing regular content - perhaps it's time for you to diversify and try out other methods of levelling up your SOE strategy. If you've ever heard of blogger outreach, did you know it's actually a potentially efficient way for you to get better SEO traction?

Marketing Woes Today: How Does The Industry Fare?

When it comes to using blogger outreach as a means to get SEO traction, it might help to see how the concept fares in numbers first. A lot of people tend to be overwhelmed by blogger outreach because of the many steps it takes to secure a blogger to collaborate with you, but its potential benefits are outstanding. For instance, WordPress alone has 22.2-billion blog pages that are viewed by as much as 409-million people, with users producing as many as 91.8-million new posts every month. 7-million users publish their posts in blogging sites, with another 12-million writing theirs through social networks. If you can tap into these users, and considering how Google receives as much as 100-billion searches monthly, then you have quite a lot of potential to build an SEO backbone through blogger outreach agency.

Achieving Better SEO Through Blogger Outreach

With the above in mind, it's perhaps important to understand how blogger outreach can actually make a significantly positive contribution for your site to gain better SEO traction. In fact, it's actually very possible for you to leverage on blogger outreach for better SEO reach. Here's what you have to follow:

  • Build stronger relationships with influencers: "Tell me who your friends are and I can tell you who you are" is a popular quote on a personality that also applies to brands. Aside from your voice, your "company" helps define your persona within the niche. Being friends and having strong ties with influencers and partner blogs through blogger outreach establishes yourself as a powerhouse to your market, which can then tell Google that your site is a reputable source of quality information and service that can benefit a lot of consumers.


  • Establish powerful connections with your audience: When you do blogger outreach, you rely on the natural appeal of your partner blogs in order to spread the word about your content. This is extremely powerful, as it allows you to connect with your target audience without having to do the burden of connecting yourself. It takes extreme amounts of time, effort, and resources to build not just a user-friendly site optimized for SEO, but also to make sure its blogs rank. Leveraging on how bloggers can help your posts and your site reach their audiences can greatly boost your connection with them.


  • Get your brand much more visible: Regardless if you're starting out as a company or not, branding remains to be part of the most important elements of your growth. If you want to grow as a brand, however, not only do you have to establish your own voice but also to make sure your brand gets known by your audience. Bloggers who feature your content increases your brand's visibility and relevance to the target market, as being featured is the same as saying, "this brand is strong enough to catch my attention, for better or for worse."


  • Access better connections with new markets: When you conceptualize your company or your brand, you're likely going to have ideas on what your target market is. This is the same with your bloggers, who have a set of primary and secondary markets they want to cater to. Interestingly, both of your primary markets might be the same, but your secondary or even tertiary markets might not. Getting your brand featured in a blog gives you the opportunity to actually tap into these unique markets, and even perhaps get unique views, leads, and conversions there.


  • Get yourself much better backlinks in terms of quality: When blogger outreach is the game, backlinks is how you play. One of the primary reasons why companies rely on blogger outreach is because they piggyback on a blogger's popularity and relevance to be a foundation of the said company's brand. This is helpful, given Google also values the relevance of sites and uses quality backlinks as a foundation of this quality. When you have more backlinks on your website from authority blogs, the better your site can rank in terms of SEO.


  • Boost your rankings with search engines: One of the best reasons blogger outreach can help your site is for your exposure in blogs to propel your way up in Google's rankings. When bloggers promote your blog and your services, Google and other search engines can recognize the kind of value you're putting into the niche. This can therefore help boost your rankings, especially when you have quality backlinks to back you up.

The Takeaway: Blogger Outreach For Your SEO Needs

When you think of blogger outreach, it's commonly not associated with SEO. After all, you're looking for backlinks, not necessarily a means to increase your rankings. However, as the above may have explained, it's important to remember that blogger outreach and SEO do affect each other in vastly similar ways. Being able to understand how blogger outreach can contribute to your search engine optimization, for instance, can further contribute to how you approach your campaigns in the long run.

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