Renting vs Owning: Which One I Should Do for My Blog

Updated on: July 9, 2018

You finally made up your mind and you want your own blog. Now, this thing can get overwhelming, since you probably don’t even know where to start. We’re sure you made up an entire plan for your blog, but we think there’s one thing you did not consider. Are you going to go for the free blogging platform or for the self-placed blog with a name?  To answer this question, you need to ask yourself what your blog’s needs are and what its perspective is. If you know how to answer these questions, you’ll soon understand what blog you should have – one with all the strings attached or a free platform one.


Free Blogging Platform


As said earlier, is totally free and it’s easy to make and take care of without having any special training before. You have nothing to worry about and you can always move the self-placed blog (with all of the content).


No won’t get a domain name. You will have limited resources and customization options. But the biggest problem, we think, is the fact that you have no control over your site or its performance. The options for advertising are also limited, and it works the same with monetizing your blog while the traffic is drawn to your blog – this traffic is the one that actually goes to the platform.

Self-placed Blog with a Domain Name

If you want your blog to be successful and really popular, you might need to consider this option. You have to keep in mind that you’ll have to build this blog from nothing. You need to choose the next three steps. The first thing to do is to create a blog – WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. Now you have to get a domain name – buy it from a domain registrar. Then you have to choose a hosting provider – for this one you should but your blog its “place” on the internet. Choose the best hosting provider with the hrank monitoring system.



You are your own boss, so you’re in control for everything. If you want to customize your blog, with this option is much easier, since with WordPress you get lots of themes and extra features. You’ll have your own name and URL and your advertising options are unlimited. The best part is that it’s good with SEO and you have lots of possibilities when it comes to monetization – you’ll get all the traffic and you can benefit from your blog’s popularity.


This is not free. A hosting plan, just as a domain name, will cost you some money. You might find it hard to understand how things work out, especially if you’re new to this. You’ll take care of your own blog, so the maintenance and the performance are your problems now.

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