The Ways to Build Your Business: Comment on Other Blogs

Updated on: November 2, 2017

It is a well-established rule of thumb that blogging is a must to increasing business in today’s technology-driven world. The benefits of blogging are too long to even mention here. It is worthy of a blog post all its own. People with blogs often see more incoming business due to the relevancy of their posts and the credibility that they get from publishing material.


In order to see these results on your own blog, you must first implement some small practices that will bring your blog more attention. One method that you should be practicing is commenting on five other blog posts a few days a week. Here are many great reasons to start commenting on other blogs:

  • You get to meet new people : 

    Whether the people you interact with are the blog owners or the people who visit the blog on a regular basis, you will meet people who have common interests with you. Make sure that your comments, as well as the posts you are commenting on, have relevant topics to you and your business. If the topics are all over the place, it will be hard to build an online community. Relevance is a must.

Network of people

  • You get to network: 

    Commenting on other blog posts does not mean go out and plug your own business. But, the opportunity may present itself to network through blog comments. You can make connections within the people that you meet that can help lead your down the right career path. You could find someone looking for your skill set or someone who knows someone who would love to work with someone like you. Keep your mind open to new opportunities.

  • It encourages audience engagement: 

    When people see you commenting on blog posts, they will be encouraged to comment as well. Interaction is key when building a blog. The audience of the blogs you are commenting on will not only be inspired to comment on that blog, but to yours as well! When people start interacting, it creates a welcoming environment that is very beneficial.

  • It increases traffic to your blog:

    The end result will always be to increase traffic to your own blog. When you comment on other blog posts, you are putting your name out there, even if it is indirect. Blog comments are another way to say what you need to say and your comments might strike a chord with someone or inspire them in another way. No matter the case, these users will want to click on your information to hear more of what you have to say and increase your blog traffic.

  • It will open new doors: 

    When you build readership and comment on relevant blog posts, people will recognize your authority and see you as an expert in your field. This will lead to more opportunities to help fellow bloggers and they will do the same in return. One major way that bloggers support each other is through guest posting. Offering up a guest post on a blog can bring bloggers to a whole new audience that they might not have been introduced to in the first place.


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