Top 28 International Blockchain Conferences & Web3 Events 2022–2023

Updated on: March 20, 2023
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In this article, we list out the top blockchain and crypto conferences and events happening December 2022 onwards and during 2023.

1) Blockchain Expo Global: 1 - 2 December, 2022 | London, UK

blockchain expo global 2022

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt many industries. These include legal, retail, finance, healthcare, insurance, government, music, real estate, and energy. Moreover, innovations in blockchain will grow alongside other emerging & booming sectors like AI & Big Data, IoT + 5G, Cloud & Cyber Security, and Edge Computing. Blockchain Expo Global is a free in-person and virtual event that brings together all these industries and sectors under one roof. Over 6000 attendees are participating and among them are CTOs, IT Directors, Heads of Innovation, Developers, VCs etc.

2) CoinAgenda Carribean: 5 - 7 December, 2022 | San Juan, PR

CoinAgenda is dedicated to the topic of investing in crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The event will see leading speakers in the industry giving keynote speeches, panels and presentations. Blockchain startups will pitch to angel investors and the public. Networking between speakers, sponsors and attendees with cocktail and dinner parties. Participation fees are in the range $1000 to $3000.

3) Berlinverse 2022: 6 - 7 December, 2022 | Berlin, Germany

Berlinverse stands for Metaverse + Berlin. Here you will get a peek into the future of Internet. The elements of focus include Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, GameFI, Collectibles, Music, and Digital Art/Generative Art. It brings together a lot of businesses, artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in these pursuits. The event includes afterparty and dinner.

4) Future of Crypto by Benzinga: 7 December, 2022 | New York, NY

future of crypto benzinga

Currently crypto is down, hype and scams are being phased off by market dynamics, and the long-term players with real utility will emerge. A great place to look for the top ideas and business models in crypto, NFTs and blockchain is the Future of Crypto conference by Benzinga. You will get to meet, listen to and talk with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. This year it is happening in New York which is the financial hub of the world.

5) Israel Crypto Conference: 7 - 8 December, 2022 | Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel Crypto Conferences looks at how mainstream companies and investors are taking interest in the blockchain, web3, and crypto space. Where and how leaders and visionaries are setting long-term visions, making changes to their own business models, and investing in promising startup ideas. You can buy only the General Admission passes or also choose the VIP Networking Event access. The ticket prices for this conference vary from $80 to $310.

6) World Blockchain Summit: 13 - 14 December, 2022 | Bangkok, Thailand

world blockchain summit bangkok

The World Blockchain Summit in December 2022 is happening at Bangkok, Thailand. This event is part of a global series of gatherings around 16+ locations around the world. They bring together important stakeholders in the blockchain and crypto space. These include crypto exchanges, investors, technology leaders, government representatives, and startups & projects in blockchain and crypto.

7) International Conference on the Internet of Things Based on Blockchain (ICIOTBB): 14 - 15 January, 2023 | Zurich, Switzerland

The ICIOTBB is a scholarly conference that brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and research students. It is an interdisciplinary platform where the participants deliver presentations and share their findings on all aspects of IoT + Blockchain. Paper submissions for authors are open and the event organizers will feature select papers in a special journal issue.

8) CariNext 2023 – Caribbean Blockchain & Tech Summit: 30 January – 2 February, 2023 | Paradise Island, Bahamas

Join 70+ global speakers in the Paradise Island, Nassau – The Bahamas. You will get exposure to leadership thought, networking and showcasing exciting projects from all areas of emerging technology. These include Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, AI, Metaverse and more.

9) The Blockchain Event: 14 - 17 February, 2023 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Connect with real decision-makers, technologists and developers beyond the hype-cycle. Witness real-world case studies and practical use-cases of blockchain in fields like finance, healthcare, real estate, commerce, sports, education and utilities. Panels, keynotes and presentations from thought leaders, including a dedicated line-up of content on fintech.

10) European Blockchain Convention: 15 - 17 February, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

european blockchain convention

This event will feature 200+ speakers over 3 days with keynotes, panels, fireside chats and workshops. Themes include the current state and the future of blockchain, DeFi, Web3, crypto and NFTs. Various specific topics that this event covers are stablecoins, CBDCs, institutional access to DeFi, building Web3, crypto derivatives, metaverse & gaming, regulatory uncertainty, sports & entertainment and more.

11) The World’s NFT Meeting: 24 - 25 February, 2023 | Paris, France

NFT Paris is also known as "The world's NFT meeting". The NFT cool kids and pioneering brands come together here. Tickets vary from 50 EUR to 350 EUR for single attendees. And there are special passes available upon request for brands and investors.

12) Blockchain Economy London Summit: 27 - 28 February, 2023 | London, UK

blockchain economy london summit

The UK government wants their country and especially the finance hub London to be at forefront of crypto and blockchain industry. So they organize the Blockchain Economy Summit as their largest blockchain event to bring together the different players. World's top crypto companies, blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, investors and government representatives come under one roof in this 2-day event with over 3000 attendees, 120+ journalists and 70+ sponsors from 65+ countries.

13) Expoverse Blockchain Event 2023: 2 - 4 March, 2023 | Miami, Florida

Expoverse is a 3-day event as part of the Miami Web3 Week. For the 3 days event, you can buy general admission ticket for $149 and VIP all access pass for $399. Web3 & Blockchain are becoming essential and inevitable business tools. Expoverse’s Web3 Week at Miami offers to increase your understanding of these technologies. You will also expanding your network alongside visionaries, tech experts, executives, and entrepreneurs.

14) Future Digital Finance: 6 - 7 March, 2023 | Austin, Texas

How can we reinvent the digital banking experience? How are financial organizations at various scales creating future innovation and leveraging digital strategies to enhance customer experience? You will hear from over 60 speakers from industry-leading companies. Cover topics like the emergence of the phygital world, trends in fintech, metaverse, super apps in banking etc.

15) Crypto Expo Dubai: 8 - 9 March, 2023 | Dubai, UAE

crypto expo dubai

In 2023, there will be the largest ever Crypto Expo in Dubai. You will learn a lot regarding the cryptocurrency industry, Altcoins, Blockchain, and Consensus. The event organizers are highly proficient in organizing business-to-business events. They will be providing the cryptocurrency industry with supreme quality educational resources and networking possibilities through this conference. Here top-notch investors and leaders in the cryptocurrency industry will network and discover new business paths. Do not miss the opportunity to network with the best cryptocurrency businesses for investors and traders.

16) Blockchain Africa Conference: 16 - 17 March, 2023 | Johannesburg, South Africa

This is the 9th annual edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference. It is a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual elements. The context is how blockchain presents opportunities for Africa. Use-cases for the blockchain technology across financial and non-financial sectors, the challenges, and regulation of crypto and digital assets. Spread over 2 days with over 45 speakers.

CryptoVSummit May 10th 2023- Dubai

Cryptovsummit -Black

CRYPTOVSUMMIT is a conference that focuses on bringing together investors and crypto companies (Blockchain, Metaverse, and NFTs) so they may forge lasting business ties. The Event is currently the most targeted investment event for the cryptocurrency sector.


This indicates that the CRYPTOVSUMMIT places a premium on highly targeted attendees. This is crucial because it ensures that everyone attending the event—from attendees to investors—has the intention of conducting business with one another.

17) CryptoExpoEurope: 19 - 20 March, 2023 | Bucharest, Romania

Crypto Expo Bucharest 2023 is a networking event with global speakers and industry leaders. Bucharest is the center of crypto and blockchain in Eastern Europe. You will hear presentations directly from the top management of crypto companies. Early bird tickets are going from 10 EUR to 99 EUR (+VAT) with 50% OFF. There will also be a CEE Awards Gala and an afterparty & dinner at 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel.

18) NFT LA: March 20-23, 2023 | Los Angeles, California

An unforgettable Web3 and NFT experience spanning 4 days at LA, California. You can attend it live IRL (in real life) or in VR metaverse remotely. The city of angels is becoming a global center for the adoption of Web3 in sports, music, art, and entertainment. There will be thousands of world's leaders, investors, brands, enthusiasts, and experts at NFT LA. You will connect, co-create and experience the Web3 and NFT Community in this grand event.

19) Paris Blockchain Week Summit: 20 - 24 March, 2023 | Paris, France

This is a premium event with tickets costing between 1690 EUR and 7900 EUR. There is a cheaper 700 EUR entry for startups and developers on passing the application process. Paris Blockchain Week is for the blockchain industry one of its most influential global events. It brings over 10k people together to share, learn and do business.

20) Decentralized: 29 - 31 March, 2023 | Athens, Greece

Decentralized is the world’s premier learning conference on blockchain and digital currencies. It has over 1500 attendees and 100 speakers from 50 countries. More details about the 2023 event are yet to be released publicly.

21) American Metaverse Awards: 30 March, 2023 | Miami, Florida

This is the 1st edition of American Metaverse Awards to recognize this emerging industry and its top players. There are 21 categories for the awards, such as top blockchain developer service, investment fund, avatar design, legal firm for metaverse businesses etc. It also has a summit or conference event side-by-side, focusing on business opportunities in the metaverse and with a focus on the American region.

22) Non Fungible Conference: Spring 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

This is a conference for NFTs & Web3, aptly called Non Fungible Conference as it is a unique one. They are planning to make it even bigger than their previous editions and take it to the next level.

non fungible conference lisbon portugal 2023

23) WOW Summit: April 2023 | Hong Kong, China

WOW stands for World of Web3 and is a great place to learn about blockchain, AI, metaverse, DeFi and NFTs. This is the world's biggest Web3 conference having over 7000 attendees and 170+ speakers. The WOW summit connects "NFT and DeFi leaders with international businesses, government authorities, tech visionaries, investors, and developers!"

24) Consensus Blockchain Event: 26 - 28 April, 2023 | Austin, Texas

Consensus by CoinDesk is a well-known and longest-running conference bringing the most important conversations in crypto and web3 world. It is a call to action "for builders, creators, storytellers and money movers to come together and forge the future of finance and the Web3 economy in a volatile world."

25) Bitcoin 2023: 18 - 20 May, 2023 | Miami Beach, Florida

bitcoin 2023 miami

"World’s largest gathering of bitcoiners as we celebrate another year of progress towards hyperbitcoinization. Consider bringing a friend for 3 days of bitcoin education, announcements and of course, a massive celebration."

Tickets for this event are going from $499 for General Admission to $6499 for Whale Pass. You get 10% OFF when you pay with Bitcoin, which you shouldn't do as BTC will go much higher in the future, while the dollar will depreciate.

26) Blockchance: 28 - 30 June, 2023 | Hamburg, Germany

Blockchance 23 is the Europe's leading conference on blockchain with 7500 attendees and 250 speakers. "The main stage with over 3,000 seats will feature speakers such as CZ, Joseph Lubin, Michael Saylor, and Raoul Pal. Our gala events bring together the crème de la crème of the international blockchain scene. BLOCKCHANCE 2023 is hosted at the newly renovated Congress Centre of Hamburg,"

27) BLOCK3000 Blockchain Battle: 6 - 7 July, 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

Key industry players, thought-leaders and seasoned speakers will break exclusive contentnwith groundbreaking ideas and unparalleled networking. It will bring answers to many questions in the crypto community. Questions about ethereum, cardano, solana, gamefi, metaverse, near-future trends, and crypto exchanges. There will be illumination on many topics of importance to investors and project creators such as reaching global market and choosing a profitable project.

28) Decentralized: 1 - 3 November, 2023 | Athens, Greece

"Decentralized Conference the World’s Premier Learning Conference on Blockchain and Digital Currencies is organized by the University of Nicosia"

decentralized athens greece 2023

Final Words

With our list of top 28 blockchain web3 crypto events, you can look for early bird tickets and attend them virtually or in-person. You will learn a lot about the developments and challenges for blockchain, metaverse, crypto and related fields. After these events are over, you can also use the event names on this list to look online for great content & insights from presentations, workshops and fireside chats happening in these conferences. Let us know in the comments if you are planning to attend any of these blockchain events.

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