Blackhole:One Of The Best Blockchain Based Free Private File Sharing 

Updated on: July 22, 2019

One of the benefits afforded by blockchain technology is its strength to allocate tasks and duties over a large network of connections. For instance, Bitcoin has every miner on its system to send out deals and make coins. Meantime, Ethereum has its links to administer smart contracts and other keys. Despite its potential, blockchain technology has not become universally known for its powers to handle file transfers on a decentralized system. Certainly, blockchain technology does have lots of potential in this field: basic operations such as cloud storage, network hosting, and file distribution can all be promoted considerably efficiently by blockchain technology.

What Is Blackhole

BlackHole is a file transfer application developed on the peak of blockchain for the current internet. An individual can use this application and can share any super compact file with security and be sure the data is their forever. Also, individuals can apply BlackHole for free, with no storage or bandwidth boundary, but for files larger than 512 MB, there is an expected plus plan. People can always find this kind of plan by registering their personal information and try to sign up to formally use this mode.

What Are The Features of Blackhole

1. Easy Workflow.

You can start transferring files by uploading all the needed files directly to the Blackhole. This can be done by creating a private link to every file that you want to. Then after this process, you can send the different file and allow other people to access your files by just sharing the private link. Anyone that you want to share the link can access easily without their own registration they can download it.

2. Files Are Downloadable Easily.

You can have the freedom of choosing your time to make the whole process works. Thus, you can share links while you are uploading other files. This is the best feature of Blackhole that describes its accuracy for the people. To complete the process is much easier than other blockchains private link sharing platform. This you can use instantly and with data streaming makes it happen too.

You can save almost 90% in your own time and also Bandwidth.

This Blackhole serves the people in excellent quality. In file-sharing, you can’t have any problem as this works instantly and process in real-time. The file-sharing protocol is always available and in result, this will help to process more reliable and quick at the same time. This also saves your 90% of the time as you can upload other files while sharing links. Also, it has a multi-layers of protection.

Maximize Privacy With The Modern Security.

There are a lot of people who upload valuable files, this can be personal or files of the whole company. The reason why this blackhole ensures the safety of every file that is uploaded to the application. As blackhole encrypts your files end-to-end so your privacy will not be your problem. This can be achieved with the help of the powers of having the multi-layers of security.

No cookies, tracker or Digital Footprint.

There will be no hassle in using this application, as anyone can upload files easily. There will be no cookies to allow and tracker for the privacy of every user.

Usages Of Blackhole

  • This blackhole primarily can be used in transferring files with the help of a private link. This private link will be the key to provide other people and help them access your uploaded files. This also helps every individual to detect if their files are compressible or not.  This has also a goal to provide every user a reliable and at the same time a comprehensive file sharing.

  • The good thing about this Blackhole is that people don’t need to organize things, they can just upload the files. This also can be done by just dropping it and drag to the folder to the Blackhole tray icon.

BlackHole FileTransfer Blockchain Flow

How Does It work

  • This start by working with the files, you upload different files for other people to access. By uploading files you can also share to the other people easily the private link of other files.

  • This private link is said to be the encrypted files for the people to get the uploaded files and this different private link will be distributed to the people you wish to. As simple as that, then finally you can repeat the whole process.

  • For the people who want to ensure more their privacy, they can choose the process by registering their personal information. Also, they add more privacy if they will add their passwords. This will lead to an extra layer of protection to your files and to ensures that the files are delivered to the right person.

BlackHole FileTransfer Encryption

  • No storage limit. You can have this blackhole application with the best storage. You can store files as long as you want and make a private link, thus there are so-called a “Plus Plan”, this helps people to store bigger files when they pay. You can use this application depends on your needs.

 The Difference between Free and Plus Plan Blackhole

  • Free blackhole helps people by giving these features: unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and there is no expiration date, 514 MB single file limit.

  • Plus Plan blackhole has its features of the following: No expiration date, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, 1000 recent history files and has 8 GB File size limit in every file you will upload.


This Blackhole is one of the best blockchain sharing files platform as this help every individual to work easily. Blackhole provides the people with the best service by giving a no expiration link. Anytime people can access files from other people.

This is the best way for every company to start with, this also ensures the safety of the files. Blackhole helps people to experience the perks of technology when applying to blockchain on its own. To have this kind of application is beneficial not only to the individual but also to a lot of institutions in the world.

BlackHole FileTransfer
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