Bitdefender 2013 Best Antivirus for your Mac & Windows

Updated on: June 7, 2014

Securing your identity and protecting your data against viruses & malwares  are really needed things for any basic computer users. Protecting mechanism may vary according to operating systems. We know that windows is more vulnerable  than other OS like Linux, Mac OS X etc. Operating System’s are  major key factors which describe more about vulnerability  e.g You can get windows software's easily than Mac & Linux.Windows having diversify collections of application programs, which  leads to more vulnerability. Now a days Mac OS is also capturing consumer market. I also heard that ‘Mac don’t catch viruses’ icon smile Bitdefender 2013 Best Antivirus for your Mac & Windows but recently few of developers report about some serious vulnerability in mac applications. Most of themes are malwares & trojans.So its important to protect your mac data. iCloud is very sensitive part of new Mac OS X. So we must include some gatekeeper to suppress such type of unethical behaviours.

BitDefender Antivirus for MAC OS X

To secure our virtual world we must need antivirus for Mac. After researching major factors I conclude that Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the strongest tool to fight against such culprits. I personally using it on my Macbook pro  & enjoying it’s functionality ! Bitdefender is one of the award winning antivirus application having some unique features which help it to stand out of the crowd.Performance and automation of  Bitdefender is much powerful than others as it nullify overload on computer processing.Best antivirus should work like AI (Artificial intelligence )  & Bitdefender following some part of AI like triggering some action for malicious movement,block an access to phishing websites and bots etc.

Bitdefender 2013 MAC OS X scan

Some features of BitDefender:

1. One click configuration with enhance usability, no harassment of pop-up alerts.

2. Simple update procedure for both online/off-line systems.

3. Best in performance & best in support.

4. Enhance network security with packet filering and firewall sub-system

Key factors to use Bitdefender for your system Windows 8 :

1. Silent AutoPilot Security :

bitdefender 2013 autopilot

Bitdefender AutoPilot take some smart decisions without asking to user.We can say its a robot to take some good security decisions. One beauty of AutoPilot is it never interrupt user or slowdown system performance 🙂 Bitdefender also encrypt all your conversations like IM chats,intranet emails,file sharing etc.

2. Strong Shield for Online Activities :

safepay bitdefender 2013 internet security

Hackers and intruders are always ready to steal your online details like online baking info,passwords ,id's etc. but using smart virtual keyboard of bitdefender you can kill key-loggers tasks 🙂 Each & every incoming and outgoing packet is monitor using   their packet analyser tool.Firewall of bitdefender is much stronger to handle disaster situation like remote shut down etc.

3. Thin updates for  virus database & Mobile tracking:

bitdefender antitheft 20123

Bit defender always update its database w.r.t new Virus,Malwares, Trojans etc.One amazing thing is update of bitdefender is very much small and more descriptive.Which help you to save your bandwidth as well as your data charges.Their updates are highly compress which make it thin client ! If you lost your mobile then using bitdefenders anti theft app you can locate it easily .It also help you to mange your facebook and twitter privacy.

4. Enhance help & support:

Support of bitdefender is really appreciable, its available  for  24 x 7 . They solve your queries on priority .If you send some suspicious thing for testing then you will defiantly get proper reply.


Bitdefender can easily handle latest virus,worms,malwares & trojans etc. We personally tested Bitdefenders functionalities & its works like charm 🙂 You must try free antivirus download program from Bitdefender to protect your Mac or Windows PC very easily ! Bitdefender is way to open secure doorsteps of internet world .

Bitdefender Windows8 Security
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  1. Hey Hi,
    Yes indeed Bitdefender is really very good security suite for Windows as well as for Mac. I am personally not using it but I have tested their latest release Bitdefender Total Security 2013 and liked it 🙂 Have many features and functionalities.

  2. Avast is also good antivirus, detects almost every unwanted programs. But as Bit defender came up with latest version 2013. It is very fast and handy and detects every virus.

  3. I heard about bit defender first time. And I think that I have to try this anti virus. Currently I am using Quick Heal server edition.

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