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Updated on: June 12, 2014

The film industry has evolved rapidly over the years where nowadays any types of movies can be produces, from movies with extinct animals to unrealistic movies. From Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Faction, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Paranoid, Philosophical, Political, Realistic, Romance, Saga, Satire, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, Speculative, Thriller and Urban, all types of movies are now available to watch.

Movies theme games

With evolving years, games on themed on movies have largely spread over the online world that are available to play without having to download anything. The games that have been enjoyed by many since released are the Grease series, King Kong and Little Britain Slot games.

The Grease Series:

The Grease series consists of 3 slots games namely the Grease I, Grease: Pink Ladies & T-Birds and Grease: Danny & Sandy which comes in slots and mini-games versions. The Grease series have been uniquely themed where each slots game offers different game features as well as Progressive Jackpots. For instance Grease I Slots theme revolves around the Grease members in cartoons, with game features Wild, Scatter, Frosty Palace Bonus, Click Me feature and a multi level progressive jackpot.


The Grease: Pink Ladies & T-Birds Slots consist of 2 set of reels that are themed with Danny on the T-Bird reels and Sandy on the Pink Ladies reels. This time, Daub Games have gone the extra mile to make the game look more realistic through its graphics. As for the game features that have been included, those are wild, Free spins, expanding wild, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots on each set of reels. Grease: Danny & Sandy Slots is the latest release that’s themed will remind players clearly of the movie released back in 1978 throughout its layout and features included. Wild, Dance Bonus, Frosty Palace Bonus, Drive-In Free Spins and Beach Free Spins are the game features introduced on Grease 3 Slots.

King Kong:

King Kong Slots is themed after the adventure film that was firstly released in 1993 with its remake making surface in 2005. Everything on this slot game will remind players of the hit movie itself; with the city and jungle included.


All the characters from the movie have been taken and put onto the reels to feature as symbols, where players will find King Kong, Ann, Jack, Carl and Captain Englehorn. The game is played in 2 modes: the jungle mode and the big city mode. In the Jungle mode, players will find features such as wild jungle respins feature and Skull Island Bonus. And in the Big City mode, they will have the wild King Kong respins feature and the city tower bonus. This slot game is sure to give players a real feel of the movie while being the king of the jungle themselves while playing on this game.

The Little Britain:

A very hit TV Series in the UK; the Little Britain also has its own slot game themed around the series itself. All the favourite characters have been included as symbols such as Marjorie, Vicky, Daffydd, Emily, Lou and Andy are all found on this game. The game features included are 5 bonus rounds featuring the favourite characters, Vicky Pollard’s ASBO bonus, free spins, Stacked Wilds, Anne’s wild bonus that can appear anytime. Put together on Little Britain Slots, are all the fun times that have made people laugh till they cry!


There is an endless list of movies and TV series themed slot games that are now available designed by different game providers.The Grease series can be played at Lucky Pants Bingo, therefore players who would like to have a go at the games have to register at the online bingo site where £5 Free and 20 free spins are given-no deposits nor credit card required. As for King Kong Slots and Little Britain Slots, those two wonderful slot games can be played at one of the most renowned casino, King Solomon Casino where 100% bonus will be awarded on players’ initial deposit!

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