Best Gadgets to use with Amazon Echo for Home Automation

Updated on: May 10, 2020

In today’s generation where technology is in its wide range to the world, there is no impossible in securing your residence. Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that can control using your voice, reach its popularity because of its great features. Echo connects to the Alexa voice service to play music, answer questions, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports, weather and more. It is a multi-tasking product of the technology for the purpose of securing the home and saving money from various kind of bills.

Nowadays the headway of home automation innovation, life is getting easier and simpler with the help of different gadgets. It only implies that it becomes less demanding in all sphere. Home automation considered as the modern technology that modifies your home to perform different sets of the task automatically. Various gadgets help home automation to make it easier to use and start the basic program of Amazon echo. It is called the compatibility of the gadgets and the Amazon echo which gives the best result of Home automation. Here are some best gadgets to pair with Amazon echo for home automation.

Best Gadgets to pair with Amazon Echo for Home Automation

1. Smart Home Solutions:

Home lights and fixtures from anywhere can be controlled through cellphone apps. Through this gadget, homeowners can ensure their safety and security and this works with Amazon echo. Usually, it helps to set devices to power on/off at scheduled times. It can use scenes to control many devices at once. It can be useful to control your lightings in the garage, kitchen, main door and rooms.Amazon Echo Nest Thermostat

2. Nest Thermostat

This gadget contributes to an easy way of controlling home devices. This is for everywhere, for saving energy, easy on the wallet and easy to use. In such a way of, Nest thermostat can turn down devices automatically when leaving the house. It also turns off lights, water usage automatically in the evening and comes out in the morning. Helps to save for up to 15% to your electricity bills.Door ring bell amazon echo

3. Ring Video Doorbell:

Home security starts at the door of your house. This gadget is compatible with Amazon echo for the home automation. It keeps you aware of the unexpected and expected visitors to your home. You will get notified through your cellphone and can access video to your front door. It has an HD camera, which helps you to recognize more your visitors and secure your home from strangers. The best thing about this gadget is that it keeps you alert when someone steps on your property.Nest Cam IQ Amazon Echo

4. Nest Cam IQ

It is also known as the security camera, which can recognize faces who enter your home and things. It can alert you if they find a stranger face to your home captured by the camera. It will help you to protect inside your home daylight and night and even notify you when your children arrive at your house.The wireless Dimmer kit amazon echo

5. The wireless Dimmer kit

It is more popular as the Philips Hue wireless that works at the box. You can use this gadget by putting the lamp in the fitting, mount or stick dimmer in a wall or you can take it with you. You can use the switch as your remote control and can guarantee smooth dimming. You can add up to 10 hue lights and compatible to use with Amazon Echo.Home Security Camera Amazon echo

6. Home Security Camera

This is also known as the Flat Light camera. This gadget is a motion activated security camera. It has advanced motion detection and HD night vision with the help of the built-in lights of the camera. 140 degrees motion camera, protects your home and has an HD quality of camera field of view. Also, it has 270 degrees motion sensing lights aluminates every corner of the house. You can set up the coverage of the camera in a particular area through your cellphone. This gadget is a customized sensor motion to detect and recognized faces, and object.Wemo wireless switch adapter

7. WEMO or Works with Google Home

Voice control apps can make things easier. You just need to use your voice to raise a command. It can be switching lights on or off, or maybe streaming on TV and you can do a lot of commands.Multi-use Stand amazon echo

8. Multi-use Stand

It is very useful gadgets, it has a good design which holds the object. It has a wide feature of the camera, which you can see entirely.Swivl C series Robot Amazon Echo

9. Swivl C series Robot

This gadget can work with Amazon echo as it is good for recognizing audio. You can use voice control to this gadget that can expand the audio collection. It is good to use for the teachers for them to be able to see their students whenever they are in a short break.Amazon fire tv stick

10. Fire TV/ Stunning 4K Ultra HD

This gadget is very compatible with the Amazon echo as you can use this for the live streaming and it is a smarter TV. It can help you to check the weather from your location. Also, it can help you to navigate channels and surf the internet using the voice command. It is very useful for the people who love to search on the internet about their favorite movie and music, and they don’t want to waste their time typing the title.

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