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Updated on: April 26, 2020

Now a days web 2.0 is growing very rapidly.We have  an Ocean of information over the internet.So everybody want to be a part of  this web 2.o either by using social media services or creating their own website or blogs, but to achieve this we need to do some little investment of money  by purchasing domain name, web-hosting etc.For better services you have to compromise with your pocket 🙂 Right ? the term"Free Services" are lagging with various aspect like limitation, security and safety.Now I am going to share you a "Free Website building Service" which never lag in safety,  security and performance etc. its nothing but "UcoZ.com".

uCoz website Builder free

uCoz is an ultimate free website maker for the beginners who really want to create some awesome website without any coding like JSP, PHP, HTML etc. uCoz is a tool base website builder make your task very fast & perfect.You don't need to know any basic knowledge of web-development.Another beauty of uCoz is it's giving you free website hosting with 1 sub domain & lots of free templates  in safe and secure manner 🙂 . it is very much important to secure your data. I know their are lots of  'free website services ' exists but they have lots of security pitfalls, inconsistency, limitation of space & other services. I personally used many free services but I recommended you uCoz because of its friendly & secure nature.uCoz is all in one website builder.

uCoz Free Website Builder

uCoz Free Website Builder

uCoz having several customization modules like blog, forum, Online games, webpolls,file & photo catalogs etc.It will give you 250 free default templates after registration.uCoz free website builder is combination of several modules which work according to user customization,easy interface help you to save your development time.

 Some modules included into uCoz:

  • Photo Album
  • Site News
  • Forum & Blogs
  • Page Editor
  • Catalog of articles and files
  • Guest Book & E-shop
  • Advertisement Board
  • Picture Albums
  • Web Poll
  • Online games
  • E-mail Subscription Form

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXrmdbGkogs']s


Why you should use uCoz? Advantage of uCoz !

1. Execute 'Make Free Website'  concept perfectly with 99% up-time

2. Unlimited Disk Space,better functionality & usability.

3. Easy file sharing & uploading.

4. Good Security,backup & support  services.

5. Ready made free templates more than 250+.

6. Customizable interface with many modules.

7. Better user groups & access control.

8. Spam & unwanted visitors control.

Steps for creating website with uCoz:

Step 1 : Register at uCoz

uCoz Website management

uCoz Website management

Step 2 : Verify your email & select some services that you  want to use with your website address.

Step 3 :  login to control panel desktop  🙂

Editor uCoz website builder

Editor uCoz website builder

Step 4 :  Select template for your site & edit page for article.

Adding page into uCoz

Adding page into uCoz

Other things that you can do with uCoz

1. As we discuss uCoz give you many variety of features w.r.t website building.Their are some other services you can avail during customization to relax your efforts.You can Play many popular games in Control Panel like Snake, Minesweeper, Sudoku ,free cell etc.

Webtop of uCoz Games

Webtop of uCoz Games

2. You can add your Top-level domain name to site builder.

3.  Migration of your backup is possible.

[note]Kindly share your review about uCoz if you are going to use it,if you know any other tools with same functionality then we are happy to know more about it.' I highly recommend Ucoz to create your own website[/note]

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  1. A friend of mine wants to make an Android app and has asked me to code it for him. Does anyone know of a program that will let me create an app without any knowledge of coding?

    1. Can u tell me which type of apps your friend want to develop,Web application or some standalone?Let me elaborate it,so that we can help u.btw your website url seem to be useful for you !!! 🙂

  2. I don't consider myself and expert in website builders, though I have tried quite a lot of them. Thanks for the review. I didn't know about uCoz but it seems a nice site and when I have the time, I will give it a try.

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