10 Best Fishing YouTube Channels to Watch in 2023

Updated on: May 27, 2023

Do you remember the day when your father asked you to accompany him on his fishing trip? His intentions for father-son bonding seemed boring and monotonous when you wouldn’t get a catch after waiting for hours, but your father would ask you to be patient. Then the first catch after the long wait felt like a lottery jackpot.

Best YouTube Fishing channels to Learn More about Fishing

Fishing isn’t merely a sport or adventure for most people from Western countries; it is an emotion. If you are not near a lake, river, or ocean, then the best way to experience this emotion is to watch it on YouTube channels. Here we are listing the best YouTube channels for fishing:

  1. LakeForkGuy
  2. 1Rod1ReelFishing
  3. BlacktipH
  4. TAFishing
  5. Jon B
  6. Fishing with Norm
  7. Addicted Fishing
  8. DeerMeatForDinner
  9. Catfish and Carp
  10. Chad Hoover

1] LakeForkGuy


Fishing is popular worldwide, but for a Texan, it’s an important part of their lifestyle. The channel LakeForkGuy publishes videos about fishing in Texas and focuses on large-mouth fishes. This channel was created by Justin Rackley in 2008 and lately, is one of the most popular channels for fishing. The videos with the most traffic are those in which he shares how he recovered from shark attacks. Most other videos are guides on fishing and hunting. While the LakeForkGuy channel is not specific to fishing, most of the videos are on the niche.

Watch LakeForkGuy

2] 1Rod1ReelFishing


If you seek a different, more interesting channel on fishing, watch the videos published by 1Rod1ReelFishing. The creator has published the weirdest of videos. One of the videos was on capturing a baby shark – both cute and intimidating. Another video was on manually capturing a massive catfish. Most of the videos on this channel are not guides but mere entertainment videos. However, this is what makes the creator popular. If you are a fan of fishing and need a daily dose of entertaining videos, then please subscribe to this channel.

Watch 1Rod1ReelFishing

3] BlacktipH


The BlacktipH channel is amongst the most popular channels on YouTube and the subscriber count says it all. This channel also has a few of the most popular videos on YouTube with view counts over 83 million for a single video. Most of the videos are on fishing giant fish and the challenges involved with the process.

Most of the fishing shown on this channel is for the fish which you have an almost nil chance of catching. The reason is that most of them are fascinating fishes. Rather, this is what makes the channel so special. You get to watch what you can never do.

Watch BlacktipH

4] TAFishing


TAFishing is a subtle channel for fishing. As I introduced this post, I reminded readers of the nostalgia of your father asking you to accompany him for a fishing trip. This channel helps live this nostalgia. While TAFishing has lesser subscribers and views than most other channels on the niche, I included it in the list since it is important for those who believe in fishing as a part of their family culture and not mere entertainment. Interestingly, many videos on this channel are more than an hour long. They show the channel owner fishing overnight or for long durations in the deep sea. One of the commentators rightly explained this channel - “No blaring music, no high-fiving, just pure fishing.” The few followers no doubt are loyal followers.

Watch TAFishing

5] Jon B

Jon B

While the Jon B channel is not specific to fishing, most of the videos on the website are well-focused on the subject. The majority of the videos are fishing guides. Unlike most of his competitors, the creator focuses on survival guides. He creates videos on expeditions, somewhat like Bear Grills. Usually, the videos are focused on the usual problems faced by fishers during unconventional fishing trips.

Watch JonB

6] Fishing with Norm

Fishing with Norm

Fishing with Norm is the happiest fishing channel. The creator brings his friend on his fishing trips and they create fun videos together. They try different boats including motorboats and different arenas for fishing. Perhaps the reason YouTubers subscribe to Norm’s channel is because of the positive vibes it offers.

Another reason to check this channel is that Norm offers more than fishing. He introduces us to games and reviews of equipment used for fishing.

Watch Fishing with Norm 

7] Addicted Fishing

Addicted Fishing

Addicted Fishing is another subtle fishing channel. It offers “just fishing” and nothing else. Mainly, no major introductory music, no games, no reviews, just plain fishing. However, the focus of the channel is not on the process of fishing itself, but on the catch. He discusses the types of fish he scores and how he does it. Even more, the information on the fish itself is quite interesting.

Watch Addicted Fishing

8] DeerMeatForDinner


Titled DeerMeatForDinner, one would wonder what this channel would have to do with fish. The creator captures the weirdest of animals like deer, alligators, snakes, and large fishes, and cooks them. You would find the most prominent, rudest fishes on this channel, only to be cooked eventually. Trust me, DeerMeatForDinner is not for the faint-hearted. Subscribe with caution.

Watch DeerMeatForDinner

9] Catfish and Carp

Catfish and Carp

The Catfish and Carp is a YouTube channel run by a typical fishing family. The kids are equal participants, and this exhibits a very positive vibe for the channel.  They discuss their lives which revolve around fishing and cooking their catch. The channel owner tries to add some pep to the videos to make them fun. If you like watching fishing for a relaxing evening, this channel is worth subscribing to.

Watch Catfish and Carp

10] Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover

Even the best fishermen need to learn fishing. This is where the expert advice of Chad Hooper comes to work. This guy is a pro fisherman, and he creates explanatory videos on fishing. His videos focus on the process of fishing more than the catch and other activities. His channel isn’t entertaining, but informative. If you are interested in improving your fishing skills, the Chad Hooper’s channel would be great for you.

Watch Chad Hoover


Fishing is a passion for many, and we understand that. Thus, we have covered the best possible YouTube channels for every type of fishing enthusiast. This includes channels focused on entertainment, information, and “just fishing.” Please let us know your review in the comment section.

Best YouTube fishing channels
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