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Updated on: June 26, 2018

Can you imagine that just recently students studied without smartphones, social networks and even without the Internet? Over the past 5-10 years, everything has changed dramatically. Thanks to modern gadgets and applications, learning has become more like a game than a routine process.

Education Apps

Mobile technologies and virtual reality have changed the principles of academic learning, providing more effective opportunities for obtaining knowledge, processing a large amount of information necessary for studying, and, moreover, creating new opportunities for visual learning.

Studies say that the knowledge that we receive from ordinary books and textbooks is easily forgotten. Although textbooks are still used in most universities, students in many educational institutions are increasingly downloading applications based on various methods of visualizing knowledge.

The new school year that will come soon is a good reason to acquire useful habits that will help not only in studies but also in other matters. We have listed the top of the best apps for students that will help you to easily experience a return to studies thanks to planning, awareness and proper rest. Also, keep in mind that you can always apply to professional students writing services to facilitate your life a little.


Without exaggeration, we can say that Photomath is a camera-calculator. Instead of traditional data entry, the application uses the camera to recognize mathematical examples. The program can solve linear, square, trigonometric, logarithmic equations and inequalities, as well as entire systems, factorials, and integrals. In addition to the answer, the system demonstrates a detailed solution. The application is suitable for students of all technical faculties.


The application keeps track of what you spend time on while you are working at the computer. It captures every open program, every site you visit, and then assesses the effectiveness of your work. Do you think that for the whole day you wrote the essay and just went to check the messages on Facebook for a minute? MotivateClock will allow you to check whether this is so.

The application is valuable not only because it can cause feelings of guilt and a desire to increase productivity. It also helps to assess how many hours or minutes it takes to accomplish a task and see how often you are distracted and what time is wasted on.

Based on the data, the application automatically determines the "harmful" and "useful" activities, but you can customize it for yourself. For example, if your diploma is dedicated to social networks, visiting them "on business" is a part of your studying.


The main goal in learning any foreign language is to increase the vocabulary. One of the most effective methods for learning new words with a smartphone is a card system. Words or expressions with translation and transcription are displayed on a screen in the form of a map, which teachers usually use in courses. When the material is learned, it is time to check knowledge, also with the help of cards.

The application has many settings, the ability to independently add words and import using a third-party resource. For those who study English, there are some well-chosen dictionaries and also large and abbreviated dictionaries of irregular verbs. For verification, various methods are used: the correct answer must be written by yourself or chosen from three options.

Engineering Professional

The application contains more than 650 chemicals, physical and many other technical formulas that are constantly updated and supplemented, so there will be no need to look for other alternatives. The most necessary formulas simply need to be saved or added to the "Favorites" to simplify their use and search.


This is one of the Norwegian educational apps, the creators of which are hoping to help students concentrate on learning and stop being distracted by smartphones. The service rewards users with the internal currency for not using mobile phones.

In order to start earning the internal currency, the student just needs to run the application while studying and block the smartphone. Rewards are awarded for every 20 minutes of blocking. Students can open the tournament table of their school and learn what successes other students achieve.

Dragon Dictation

Have you ever dreamed of typing fast? Dragon Dictation uses software for speech recognition so that you can dictate and immediately see the well-read text on the screen. The application allows you to send statuses and messages to social networks in the same way.

But these are primarily new opportunities for recording lecture classes. Of course, to reduce the percentage error, you will have to sit on the first desk, and be reinsured by recording key moments from hand - after all, technology is still far from ideal.

Promoting the University in Instagram

The service was not just invented for the selfie. About four hundred million active users, billions of likes every hour give excellent opportunities for promoting a university in Instagram.

Take photos of the campus, throw a photo report from the scientific trip into the feed, put tags with announcements, celebrate the guests of the university, share the records among students and comment on any news from your university. The Instagram application allows you to create surveys about the student life, recommend an essay service and upload short videos from lectures.

You have got acquainted with a selection of the best applications for students that will serve a good service to the majority of students of higher educational institutions in terms of the assignment help, training material, timetable, vital information, and entertainment.

Thus, the University of the Future is learning online today. Internet technologies are everywhere. They stimulate and raise the quality of education to a new level. The one who finds the best answers to the challenges of time will succeed.

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