How to Choose Best Alphaland Gym Membership Plan?

Updated on: October 10, 2023

Personal fitness is a billion-dollar industry, and it keeps growing year after year. This article will focus on how to choose the best Alphaland membership plan. Alphaland Gym is one of the popular gym complexes in Houston. I will tell you precisely what Alphaland is, its facilities, membership plans, and more.

If you are in the technology field, athlete, or any other discipline and want to start your fitness journey as a beginner or expert, you might be interested in learning how to get the most out of the Alphaland membership plan. Before I take you through that, it would be good if we looked at the basics, especially if you are new to Alphaland.

What is Alphaland, and Who founded Alphaland?

Alphaland is a fitness complex with quite a number of facilities in more than 30,000 square feet. The whole area under the complex is estimated to be 18.5 acres of land. As you can see, not only do you come for fitness, but you also come for fun and other activities we will do later.

Alphaland is located in Missouri City, TX, an area in Houston. The exact address for Alphaland is 1502 Industrial Drive, Missouri City, Texas 77489, USA. So, if you are within the locality, you can always start or continue your fitness journey or enjoy other activities in the complex.

Who is the Owner of Alphaland Gym?

Christian Guzman is a fitness enthusiast & entrepreneur who owns Alphaland Gym. He is known for his popular YouTube channel, where he shares fitness tips and lifestyle content.

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How much is the Alphaland membership price?

The cost of the Alphaland membership plan is determined by the length of time you wish to subscribe. It costs between $109.99 and around $84.99 for monthly membership plans. The table below shows all the Alphaland membership plans you can enroll in.

Alphaland membership plan Initiation Amount (USD) Monthly Amount (USD)
24 months 60 84.99
12 months 70 99.99
1 month 80 109.99

According to Alphaland, the initiation fee is meant to reduce and prevent an influx of temporary membership that might not be beneficial to the operations of the complex. However, if you want to subscribe to the monthly membership plan, choose a day or a few-day Alphaland pass.

How much does a day pass cost at Alphaland Gym?

If you want a one-day pass at Alphaland, it will cost you only $40. However, if you want to extend a few days, you can select a different pass, as shown in the table below.

Pass Validity Amount (USD) Pass details
1 day 24 hours 40 -Timestamp starts at the counter
-Receipt needed to enter again
3 days 72 hours 100 -3 days unlimited
-ID needed
-Timestamp at the counter
7 days 168 hours 180 -7 days unlimited
-The timestamp starts at the front desk counter.
-ID required

How do I choose the best Alphaland Gym Membership plan?

To choose the best Alphaland membership plan, consider several factors. First, what is your fitness plan? How long will the fitness journey be? What is your budget? Once you answer these questions, you can select the best membership plan at Alphaland.

How to choose best Alphaland Membership plan?

If you want to visit the complex for a day and enjoy the facilities available, you can pay for the day pass. For a long fitness journey, you can choose the 24 or 12-month membership plan. You must also consider your availability and proximity to the Alphaland complex.

Which facilities are in Alphaland Gym Complex?

Alphaland is nicknamed Disneyland of Fitness because it's a cocktail of many things in one location. There is something for everyone. Below is a list of facilities you will find at Alphaland.

  1. Three gym halls
  2. Basketball court
  3. Sand volleyball section
  4. Football court
  5. Towel and locker services
  6. Dance and workout hall
  7. Retail shop
  8. Running slide
  9. Modern patio and workspace
  10. Restaurant
  11. Chiropractic center

Let us now see these facilities in detail.

1. Three gym halls

Alphaland has three gyms, namely Warehouse, Commercial, and Outdoor Complex. The Commercial Gym is the main one which has state-of-the-art equipment for any kind of workout. The Warehouse Gym is suitable for expert, extreme, and raw workouts. It has all the types of equipment for advanced fitness and weight lifting. The Outdoor Complex allows individuals to have fun in an outdoor fitness center. It is smaller than the other two, but it's a fun place.

Alphaland Commercial Gym & Alphaland Athlete Gym

  • The Commercial Gym

The Commercial Gym is more on the traditional side when it comes to a workout environment, and it has a variety of equipment that will assist you to achieve the body that you desire.

  • The Warehouse Gym

The Warehouse Gym is for people looking for a more intense workout environment; it gives an industrial-style atmosphere with a wide range of equipment that you can use to achieve your goal.

Alphaland Gym-outdoor gym

  • The Outdoor Gym

The Outdoor Gym is perfect for nature lovers, so if you don’t want to be in an enclosed building, you can enjoy the fresh outside and the nature around you. Not many gyms have an outside gym, but Alphaland includes that; how cool is that?

Alphaland Gym-basketball court

2. Basketball court

There are two basketball courts at Alphalands. So, if you are a basketball fan, enthusiast, or player, there is much to get out of Alphaland Gym. The courts are constructed as per the requirements of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), meaning they are 90 feet by 50 feet. These courts are venues for many community games and the Aphaland Basketball League.

3. Sand volleyball section

Aphaland has two sand volleyball courts. One is meant for men and the other for women. Perhaps this is the latest facility to be developed at Alphaland. Christian Guzman, the owner, is believed to have invested over $20,000 in the sand volleyball courts.

Alphaland Gym-Basketball Court & Outdoor court

4. Football court

Alphaland has one of the best fields to practice, play, or enjoy watching live football if you are a football enthusiast or player. The football pitch can also be converted into a soccer field.

5. Towel and locker services

The complex offers safe and modern lockers to store your stuff before you join a gym session or any other activity you wish to participate in. There is also a towel service that you might not find anywhere else. This ensures no inconveniences when you visit the facility; your belongings are safe in a closed locker.

Alphaland Gym-Private workout studio

6. Dance and workout hall

Alphaland also offers dance and workout studio sessions. These sessions are suitable for beginners and experts who want to advance their fitness journey in a fun way. Here, you can get professional classes for workouts and different dancing skills, depending on your preferences.

7. Retail shop

The retail complex at Alphaland is a one-stop store for clothing, drinks, etc. Guzman has a fashion brand, Alphalete, which stocks its apparel at the retail shop. Other brands you might get at the facility include Inaka, BuffBunny, etc. There are also great products for people in the fitness industry. Alphaland keeps developing; there might be more when you visit the place.

8. Running slide

If you love and enjoy running, there is a running slide for you at Alphaland. You can choose from two running slides; one is steep for a vigorous challenge, and the other is slightly steep for more accessible and comfortable running. Whichever you want, both are good for you.

Alphaland Gym-workspace & patio

9. Modern patio and workspace

For those who would like to enjoy a calm and serene environment, there are special patios and workplace sections where you can work on your stuff. For example, you can visit Alphaland, do your tasks on your laptops, hold meetings, etc. You can rest on the patios after your workout and even use the Wi-Fi network to upload or edit your workout videos.

Alphaland Gym-Alphaland Restaurant Health Cafe

10. Restaurant

Alphaland has a restaurant or cafe section called AlphaEats. It offers visitors and customers a variety of menu options like burgers, pasta, tacos, quesadillas, etc. So, if you just want to relax and have a snack, meal, or drink, you can visit AlphaEats. You can also choose the Build Your Bowl option, where you get customized meals according to your taste and quantity

11. Chiropractic center

How to choose best Alphaland Membership plan?

The gym complex has a chiropractic clinic known as Alpha Chiropractic. It is currently run by a professional chiropractor, Dr. Lanken Stamps. Alpha Chiropractic is a good place to choose if you want chiropractic services such as KT taping, rehabilitation, scraping, dry needling, cupping, etc.

That's Alphaland for you. Before you choose the best Alphaland membership plan, figure out what you need, for how long, and your budget. I hope you will enjoy the gym complex.

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Can anyone train at Alphaland?

Yes. Anyone can visit, tour, and train at Alphaland. However, any person below the age of 15 years is not allowed. If you are 15-17 years old, you need an adult to accompany and watch over you while training at the gym. Alphaland is open Monday to Friday from 5 am to 12 am, Saturdays from 8 am to 10 pm, and Sundays from 8 am to 9 pm.

What makes a gym membership worth it?

Gym memberships are worth it because it add fun and excitement to your workout, which lets you keep coming back. You can have sessions with quality trainers that will assist you with your training routine to achieve your body goals.

What are the 3 benefits of joining a gym?

Here are three benefits why you should join a gym.

  1. Improve your health.
  2. Learn something new.
  3. Reach your goals.
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