Basic Facts on Web Hosting

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Web hosting is responsible for allocating space in the computer servers in showcasing the customer’s website that have connections with the internet. Through the years, there were vast developments in the World Wide Web. It opens the door for the e-commerce, entertainment and other opportunities. Web hosting which make a complete change in the internet is one of the greatest technical developments of our time and this happened in such a short time. People readily accepted this new innovation.


Basic web hosting

Early Stage: Before, the internet was used only in educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and computer experts. With the development and affordability of computers, common people began to be aware of its importance and this started the evolution wherein almost every household have computer and internet connection. In line with this, web hosting also dominates the cyber scene thus, making it accessible for consumers to have web pages and domain names. This is also responsible for dynamic pages and static pages. This brought about the opportunity for web hosting companies to give websites spaces and internet connection on their servers.

At the early stage when web hosting came into the cyber scene, it used to be a simple thing but expensive at that time. However, since it is used on different areas, it became more complicated and more technical for customers. Nowadays, web hosting is now accessible and very easy to build as well as administer. This is the reason why everyone can have their own website which serves for their personal and business needs whereas before, web hosting was only for education and corporate sectors. And because it answers the needs of almost all sectors of society, it covers diverse areas. At present, it provides customers with diverse packages and solutions that people can apply according to their needs. An example is the audio visual application that is used mostly on entertainment industry.


Functions: Web hosting functions are providing various facilities such as the internet connection and the space for your data. Some of the types of web hosting are shared hosting and co-location hosting, dedicated and virtual dedicated as well as virtual private server. These types of web hosts come in different packages offering their own capabilities to the website owners.   These are all important and your application will depend on the requirement and need of your website. Various scenarios that involve web hosts are bulletin boards, forums, guest books and for business requirements it offers, business packages like point of sales packages, credit card processing and bundle business tools. This has brought new concept in online technology and erases all the negative thoughts, worries, and the complexity involved when managing a website.


Web hosting sometimes come with a price but if yours is only a personal website with low traffic, then you can have it for free. However, if you have certain need for it like you want to have more viewers for your site then you may need certain packages that will suit your need and this comes with certain price.

This is guest post by Kate. She is a technology blogger and provides services such as Search WordPress Hosting and Web hosting coupons.

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