9 Ways To Win At B2C Marketing On LinkedIn

Updated on: May 13, 2020
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Are you aware of what LinkedIn as a social media platform can do to your business and other transaction? One of the tools used by marketing today is various social media. But there are some people who are using LinkedIn, especially different B2C companies. There is the company who gives service to the people by selling products or services. They treat LinkedIn as a common social media platform, thus LinkedIn is a big help in selling products and beneficial to B2C companies. As there are over 610 million users and members of LinkedIn today. LinkedIn helps every individual in the world to stay connected. In marketing LinkedIn is powerful because it keeps the worker, and the company is associated with each other to build an excellent strategy to give their customers. Promoting products or services in marketing is very essential, as it helps you to increase traffic to the website and profits to the company.

What are the Ways to win B2C Marketing at Linkedin

1. Promote Your Own Content and Be Creative.

To have good content on the website can be a way to drive traffic and at the same time boost the potential number of clients. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms in promoting products and services. Through posting blogs, articles, case studies, sales status and many more.

Content Promotion Linkedin

Engagement towards the consumer in marketing is one of the crucial factors every company should consider. Putting images and videos may help to increase the company profits and engagement of the customers. Visual components in every post are the best way to catch the attention of someone for them to read. LinkedIn can help by allowing every company and individual to use its publisher for an additional boost.

2. Interact with other People’s Content.

Selling products or services can be that hard especially if you don’t have enough connection. Thus, B2C companies need to have given their extra effort to boost their status and increase their connection. Interacting is a part of engaging with the clients.Content Promotion Linkedin

Building a great foundation of relationship towards the customer can be done by reaching out to them. These include commenting to some influencers and try to reshare their posts.

3. Repurpose Content from other social Channels.

The social media platform is a big help in promoting. It has a big role in marketing, which is really applicable. You can try to write great content for your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

You can just create one content and try to share it and report to the other social media of yours or the company. As for the reason that every social media platform has its own roles on how to post. Choose or fix the content depends on what LinkedIn rules and standard implemented for their users.

Hastag linkedin post

3. Leverage Hashtags.

#Hashtags on every post only present or shows to connect with other people not only to their own network but also outside. This also a way to categorize or highlights cash content by using the hashtag. You can choose your desired hashtag but make sure that it is related to your field or business, as it can really help. There is some software that may help every company and individual in selecting their own hashtags. Hashtag tracker is one of those best websites to help you in looking for great hashtags.

tag people brand linkedin

4. You can Try to tag People and Brands.

It is a great way to tag people whenever the company or your business create a post. This help to make more traffic to a website and at the same time help people or your client to be more aware with regard to your own brand. Every individual that you have mentioned especially those influencers can be the best way to a wide range of connection today. There are people who are not much aware of this step but it is really beneficial.

QnA Linkedin content discussion

5. Create discussion and ask questions.

This one is the best way to increase the brand or the companies interaction with the consumers. The company is able to ask questions for the people to stay updated and at the same time to give them awareness to what’s new about the product or services and especially to know customers feedback. It is really important for the company to have a great connection or relationship with the consumers.

success stories

6. Post job opportunities, company successes, and customer stories.

Through this people will be more interested in what the company can bring to them. It is not only for interaction but also for the people to have those great opportunities. Job opportunities can be beneficial as it allows every individual to have a fair career.

Company successes motivate every individual to trust the company and at the same time to show how LinkedIn can be beneficial to every business. Customer stories encourage other people to try different B2C companies.


7. Prevent Busines Jargon.

Jargon to prevent as it will limit the number of people LinkedIn may reach. It is good to create the best content for the people to stop and will read every detail. Try to be more creative and at the same time try to be more direct with the content.

competitors analysis

8. Look For the Competitors.

It is always a good idea to be aware of every action your competitors will make and create. This is to be more updated on what are the steps to consider and strategies to build to have the same flow and increase profits. According to the survey, LinkedIn is not cool in engaging with the consumer however there is a lot of improvement today which are all beneficial to the people.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to win B2C marketing. It will help the company in contributing different great ideas, strategies and also engaging with the consumer. Help to reach people to connect with the world, and increase profits. Another is it helps to build a good image in social media.

Linked In B2C content Promotion
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