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EMPORIA: Upcoming Personalized Search Engine From Microsoft


Are you bored with using as a preferable search engine for all of the time? Do u always feel uncomfortable with google’s unwanted advertisements on the search pages? Guys, you have a good news then. Microsoft is working on a personalized search engine  known as Project emporia. Recently the mobile version has been launched on windows phone 7. This mobile version is a prototype of project emporia and it has been listed in top 10 apps for windows phone 7. This app helps you to categorize the news and the preferences are changed automatically according to the reader’s choices. The same  procedure will be used in emporia search engine.

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Playing multiplayer games with people from worldwide


Have you ever missed playing  multiplayer online games like Age of empires, Need for speed or FIFA against human players? Do you like to play strategic games with international players? If the answer is yes, then probably you are on a right page. There are many services available for you to play with people from worldwide. Game Ranger is the best software which provides multiplayer gaming service in over 500 games. You may like to check up the list of supported games here. The best thing about the Game ranger is that it is supported in MAC as well as in PC platforms. Once you have downloaded the Game ranger client, all you need to do is just install and register into a simple form.

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