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ConnectMyDNA : Way to Find Common Interest People Online


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Social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc. helping us to connect the people from rest of the world. Web 2.0 capturing the world very rapidly. Now a days communication is very powerful media which leads to lots of information sharing and information gathering.We take a help of social networking sites to find some cool stuff and find some common interest people around the world, but fake accounts or wrong information break down your search term “Common Interest”. Social networking never give you any  surety  of  content shared by the people.So question is how to find some ‘Common Interest’ people ? Is their is any way to achieve it ?

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Best Android Game Apps For the Kid at Heart


Android is now booming platform for smartphone,day by day the development in android is growing very fast,If  you are game lover and want to explore more from your small screen devices then here are some apps that help you to enjoy your kid life.

Mortal Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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Bad SEO Practices:When Boundaries Melt Difference Between Optimization & Spamming

Avoid Spamming using bad SEO

There is a fine line that divides optimization and spamming, which shall never be erased. An overload of optimization techniques could result in spamming. So, what are the various ways which when used in excess, can melt the boundaries between optimization and spamming?

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