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Delina is a Creative Consciousness Coach® & a Licensed NLP Practitioner, with a science degree in Psychology & Computing. She is bright light person, always smiling & looking naughty.Her wealthy life experiences have been saturated into a coaching programme called “The Playful Way To Self-Love” which is a lead market programme for all who wanna live a more playful-sexy-top-of-the-cherry-kind of life. She has touched thousands of people’s life just by standing up for authenticity & transparency. Her high-energy is infectious. As a coach she specialises in creating awareness, which helps people find what they are looking for. You can connect with Delina anytime via her gorgeous website at DelinaDimova Tweet her at @DelinaDimova Twitter
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Why Gamification is Key for Hacking your Mindset?


Jump back in time, history review and the early sprouting of gaming, in specific the almighty Nintendo and the even higher-loved Mario and Luigi. Mario’s first debut was in 1981 and Luigi showed up for the first time in 1983.

The creator of all that is Mario and Luigi is Shigeru Miyamoto. A Japanese gamer and producer with extreme achievements and unprecedented recognition in the gaming industry. The spin is that Miyamoto being Japanese, automatically embodies the calmer meditative and highly imaginative genes.

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