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How To Install & Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP & Windows 7

Windows 8 Features

Recently Microsoft announced their brand new Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition which  is now available for download.Windows 8 is basically a  Multi-faced  OS from Microsoft ,which has more number of improvement and more number of newly added features which make it possible to be use in many platform like Desktop or in Tablet PC. The UI design of windows 8 is pretty good w.r.t tablet PC. The beauty of windows 8 is , it  support  ARM compatible device.In windows 8 they furnish most of old UI functionality with new one like Windows 8 Explorer with Aero and Ribbon Menu Interface etc.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills as a Blogger

Thumb Blog Writing Skills

[GUEST POST] As a blogger who wants to grow and build a really successful blog it is very important for you to know that you will always have to be writing regularly. Your writing might be in the form of blog posts, guest posts, forum posts, email to other bloggers, reply to reader feedback and even reply to comments on your blog. Either way, you will always have to be writing regularly and the better your writing skills are the easier it is for you to succeed.

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Internet & Computers

Four Computer Diagnoses to Keep Your Broadband Internet at Good Speed

Internet Speed Booster

[GUEST POST]  The internet is a wide place that accommodates everybody with different messages to share to the world. A very large percentage of the transactions that go on locally are now gaining ground on the internet and it’s everybody’s wish and dream to succeed on the internet. But however, many people can’t find it easy to make an impact on the internet due to their struggle for a good internet connection.

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Android Development Tutorials

Android SDK User Interface & Simple Android Example [Tutorial]


In our last Android tutorial  we discussed with Manifest file and major working aspect of android OS. Today I am illustrating  the  simple example of android using android SDK,through which I will elaborate basic configuration needed for any Android application,I also cover some part of android SDK User Interface.

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Mobile Applications

Samsung Galaxy Note With 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD Screen,S -Pen Input:Best Smartphone Ever,Overview,Specifications & Features

Samsung Galaxy S Note

Are you afraid about your tablet PC? or don’t want to buy it because of its portability and size? and really want to buy Smartest Gadget? then their is one good news  for you. Samsung introduces  one of the best smartphone till date, called “SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE” which has more expressive & stunning features that has been never covered in  any  smartphone & tablet PC  till date with 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD Screen. To overcome with the issues of handheld tablet( ipad or android tablet) Samsung developed this middle range of  smart device , which is able to fit with most of the  functions as well as features of both ends. Samsung Galaxy Note maintain the perfect balance between smartphone portability and tablets expansive viewing experience.

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Mobile Applications

Nokia’s New Symbian Belle OS for Nokia 600, 700,701 Handsets:Features,Facts & Specifications


After successful launching of Symbian Anna OS update,Nokia again announced the next generation of  Symbian, called Symbian Belle, which was announced today with Nokia 600,700,701 handset ,these devices are available very soon in market,this announcement also confirm that currently Nokia is not planing  to move with Windows 7 Mobile OS. The upcoming handset of Symbian Belle is having 1 GHz  processor ,which will defiantly enhance the performance.

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Mobile Applications

Update Your Nokia N8,C7,E7 & C6-01 Phones To Symbian Anna OS ,Fix Symbian Anna “Phone Setup:Feature Not Supported” Error

Symbian Anna update for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01

Recently Nokia rolled out “Symbian Anna” update for their Symbian S^3 devices Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01, which is now available  through OTA(Over the Air) in most of countries.

This release not only optimizes Symbian speed but also gives you attractive GUI and appearance of new icon sets . Hope you will enjoy it !!!

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Internet & Computers

Google+ Games Started: Enjoy Gaming Battle Between Facebook & Google


All we know that very recently the search engine giant  Google has started their new successor of Social networking Google+, which is growing very quickly. Most of the  people liked its cool features like hangout and hurdle, still the craze of  Facebook is there 🙂 due to lack of options in Google+ likes Custom Apps & Games. But if you are really using facebook to play games like FarmVille ,CityVille & Mafia Wars etc. then , now you have a reason to switch to Google+ to play games like Angry Birds, Bubble Island, Crime city etc. Good news is that google announced their brand new games in social war, hope they will catch the  popularity  like Farmville and others 🙂 this announcement made @ Googles Official Blog .

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