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How to Make Your Google Analytics Data More Accurate


Website’s statistics are always being extremely essential from the internets the first day. I still recall the days when website counters were the major “big thing.” The issue with website counters is that they don’t provide you enough details about visitors. It is only limited to visitor numbers.

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Internet & Computers

Acer Mini Laptops – Sifting Through the Market Noise


Acer stormed out into the netbook world with quite a few netbooks to choose from. Bypassing Asus and Dell, two leading manufacturers of netbooks, Acer has made a name for themselves in the mini laptop market by providing quality, affordable, and miniature netbooks to the public. It would be impossible to try and cover all of the Acer netbooks available, but I’ll do my best to highlight the ones that I think are noteworthy in the brand and why I think they’re worth picking up.

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Creating SEO friendly sitemap on Blogger-WP

Blogger Sitemap

Many people seem to have vague idea about the possible ways in which the Google sitemap can be made for blogger. Though, people are able to do it for their websites, they find it difficult to manage in case of blogger. It should be kept in mind that, the way in which SEO friendly sitemap can be created for websites, the same can be done in case of blogger, and one would not need to worry about it. Let’s take a look at the best way to make SEO friendly Sitemap for Blogger.

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Mobile Applications

How to Get the Best Mobile Phone Contracts

best mobile contracts USA,UK

The mobile market is booming with competition every day, and smart customers are starting to realize that one of the best ways to get a better offer is by going for a long term contract with their ISP.

Most ISPs already have a template and standard agreement (or recommendation) for their new customers, and while going with that might look smart; I’d advise not to rush into it. Based on a lot of research and study of mobile networks and mobile customers, I have realized that it is often smart to look for a custom solution instead of going with a fixed plan. Below are some of my best tips to help you get the best mobile contract you need.

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Microsoft Invitations & overview Student Social Networking

Microsoft socl invitations

Day by day the social networking services  increasing rapidly ,many big giants taking part into this  “Horse Race” which is started by Facebook. After Facebook ,Google+ & Diaspora now its a time for Microsoft Social Networking service for students called So the is as much similar as few existing  social networking sites ,I can say its a replica of  some fragments of many other social networking sites as mentioned  in my early line.I didn’t find any new & unique feature into,as its an experimental release  we hope they may come with some good features very soon 🙂 Currently is only available for invited peoples as they are testing its functionality and performance.FuseLabs of Microsoft research  doing the development of If you really want another social networking site for your socialization then you can go with it 🙂

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Virtual Assistants:A new Job profile added by Internet & Modern Technology

Virtual Job Assistance

Are you fed up of unanswered deadlines, terrifying project deadlines, missing bills, events & more? Do you need assistance in updating your blogs and research work? Virtual Assistants are a new & exciting introduction to the internet world that can prevent your To-Do list from going out of control. Virtual assistants are for those who now realize that they can’t do just ‘everything’ on their own. Advancement in Internet, internet providers & modern technology has encouraged fierce competition. Virtual Assistants steal the show when it comes to a whole new & exciting job title being introduced in Internet & Modern Technology recently.

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Android Development

Best Android apps for Shoe Buyers and Footwear lovers

Android Apps For Shoe Lovers

The Android app store has apps galore but do you still feel that something amiss as there as certain indulgences that are not taken care of by the app store? Well, you’re wrong to think that, as there are apps that you cannot even possibly think of. Most of these apps remain undiscovered because nit many have the same fetish and thus not everyone has them. Shoe buyers, it’s time to rejoice as there are apps that are available in the Android app store that will help you get the app when you need it. Here is a list of 5 Android apps for shoe buyers

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Top Reasons to Use a Temporary Staffing Services to Find Job


Temporary staffing services should be considered by all those looking for work. Even if you’re looking for long-term employment, a temporary agency can be a valuable resource. Of course, there are benefits for all employees no matter the amount of time you want to work or the type of job you’re looking for. A temporary staffing agency can make it easy to find the job you need without all the foot work.

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