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Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

best WordPress SEO Plugins

Most bloggers know the key to a successful website is to always rank high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing for certain keyword phrases that your audience is searching for. The ability to be highly visible and always rank high in the search engines is what SEO is all about and since WordPress blogs account for 80% of all blogs on the Internet the proper utilization of SEO plug-ins is very important. By using the right plug-in you can maximize (with little effort) your blogs visibility and search engine rankings immensely. There are many ways to do this through using keyword density, metatags, breadcrumbs the list goes on, so Let’s look no further than these top 5 SEO Plug-ins for WordPress:

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Mobile Applications

Nokia 808 Pure View:Revolutionary 41 MP High Definition Camera MWC 2012

A good news for all photography lovers like me,Nokia one of the big  giant in smartphone’s  announced another big   product called “Nokia’s 808 Pure View smartphone“.A smartphone who can change the definition of on-the-go photography 🙂 Its having revolutionary 41 Mega Pixel HD camera,which make it as one of the best camera phone till date.

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Get Custom Solutions From Offshore Software Development Company

offshore software development

Information Technology has touched every aspect of our life now and businesses are the ones that rely most heavily on software solutions in order to fulfill their software requirements. Each business is different therefore every organization has some unique requirements that are very crucial for them. Regular off-the shelf solutions are not always enough to complete all these requirements as they are built on a generic business concept.

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5 Reasons Why you Should not go for free Hosting Service for your Blog


Free, Free, Free!!! And we are all tempted to what the noise is all about tough we are all aware that there is no such thing as free in this hard world. “Free” is the other form of fleecing you and that means, you need to remain aware of such shoddy practices if you want to stay insulated from any unsettling incidents. The same is the case with free web hosting services. Though I have nothing against offering free web hosting, they are certainly doing a great job by letting people hosted their website for free, I am against the shoddy practices that are quite rampant in this field. Turning a blind eye to these problems will not solve the problem and that means, you need to face the problem headlong. Here we are going to make you see the flipside of free web hosting so that you should think twice before zero in on them:
1. Ads heavy: The main acquisition against free web hosting service providers is that they make a website ads heavy that leads to poor users experience. Just check out some websites that are being hosted for free and you will be able to see that most of them make your life miserable as you will see your browser is getting messed up with innumerable and highly irritating ads that have got nothing to do with the websites. Pop up ad is the most nagging thing that most of us would ever like to face again. Moreover, Google is up against arms against ads heavy sites and that means, if you do not want to face the wrath of Google, it is high time, you should shift your attention to a viable alternative.

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How to Pick the Best Mobile Device for Your Grandparents

Grandfather Smartphones

A mobile device has become a necessity for everybody. While to a techie it might look like a piece of cake to pick the best mobile for him or her, this isn’t so for everybody. For instance, for many seniors this task is simply impossible.

While some parents or grandparents who are young and/or technical can pick the best mobile device on their own, there are many seniors who aren’t tech-savvy and they need help. You as a techie can help your seniors get on board the mobile revolution.

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Android Development

Top 5 Media Apps for the Android Lover

Android Media Apps

For all those Android lovers out there who want to get the most out of their phone, there are some media apps that are very beneficial. The Android market is incredibly vast and can be overwhelming to search through at times.

When looking for good media applications, it is important to find ones that are easy to use, fast, provide added benefit, and best of all FREE.

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Cloud Computing Advantages & Disadvantages

cloud computing

Now a days everyone is discussing  about cloud storage, and we can find  lots of industry experts stating how great it is. However, the reality is that there are some cons to cloud storage that should not be ignored, as some of them can be devastating. kindly go with the  list of pros and cons before you decide to use cloud, otherwise you may find yourself as wrong as  regretting your decision.

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Basic Facts on Web Hosting


Web hosting is responsible for allocating space in the computer servers in showcasing the customer’s website that have connections with the internet. Through the years, there were vast developments in the World Wide Web. It opens the door for the e-commerce, entertainment and other opportunities. Web hosting which make a complete change in the internet is one of the greatest technical developments of our time and this happened in such a short time. People readily accepted this new innovation.

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Gamescom 2011: Review of Best Games for Xbox,Nintendo wii & PC


Gamescom 2011 

Gamescom is one of the video game industry’s biggest expos, held in Koln, Germany. Exhibitors from around the globe convene at the Koelnmesse in order to showcase their latest innovations and games, giving gamers a chance to get a taste of what is to come. There are hundreds of different games that have been released over the past years on

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