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Improve your Business Social Results from New Facebook Pages Timeline


Many businesses were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Facebook timeline for Pages. Despite that anticipation, there has been no word in regards to the social results brands are experiencing. This is likely for two reasons:

1. It is still too early to tell.

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Great Apps of Windows Phone 7


The marketplace of Windows Phone 7 is continuously growing with Microsoft Corporation lately stating that they are approving 100 and more brand new application to their marketplace with every passing day. So, you are not still in action? Is your answer a No? Well in my opinion, you should!

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Uninstall or Remove Windows 8 from Dual Boot System having Win 7 & Win XP

Uninstall  remove Windows 8 safely

All we know that recently Microsoft announced their upcoming version of Windows ‘Windows 8′.It’s a totally redesigned OS from Microsoft, having lots of improvements w.r.t performance as well as UI. Metro UI making it more attractive.We already discussed key features of Windows 8 in our earlier post. Many people are using Windows 8 developer preview or consumer preview. Both are development release from Microsoft for checking further compatibility.
Our recent Windows 8 post helped many people to dual-boot their systems with win 7 & win XP.We know that it’s not a stable release from Microsoft, that’s why many users facing incompatibility issues. So they prefer to uninstall Window 8 from their dual-boot.We also got lots of comments regarding ‘Win 8 CP removing process’. After doing some sort of research finally we found out the Safe-Remove process of windows 8, which will keep all your previous os. Before I discuss entire process, you must consider following points without fail.

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2 Killer Application to Solve your Internet Connectivity Problems in Windows


We are living in an Internet age and with any widely used technologies, come a new set of problems. Many times we face lots of internet connectivity issue,most of them are operating specific.Loosing your internet services due to such problems is not a good deal.To fix such type of malfunctioning  we need some technical knowledge of  internet connection,but we can’t give  assurity  that eveeyone know about it ! mostly all your connectivity issues  caused by malware that deliberately corrupt your internet connections at operating system level.If you are running any antivirus program then keep update it regularly.

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How to Rank in Search Engines Quickly & Keep Rankings


Having a good ranking is the dream of every webmaster. There are many big and small changes that need to be made to the website as well as applying some effective techniques that can do it for you. So what are the top websites doing to get and remain on the first page of Google? There are many answers to this question some of which are still unknown. In this article, you will find some of the very basic and common practices that most popular websites follow to rank well in search engine results.

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Comparison : iPhone vs iPad Which is Better Choice?

iphone vs ipad

The popularity of Apple’s tablet is clearly not in doubt. Recent sales figures of the new iPad prove that millions of people around the world see it as an essential gadget. It’s also easier than ever to get cheap ipad 2 slate as well, which of course increases the distribution of the iPad even further.Interestingly though, not everyone is in a rush to buy one. Some people appear to prefer the iPhone as their gadget of choice, partly (it seems) because it can be less expensive.The iPhone can also be enhanced by countless exciting apps. Of course this raises an interesting question: why bother to get an iPad when you can get an iPhone instead?

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5 Signs You Are Overhyping Your Blog


There are two traits that every blogger (if they expect to become popular that is) has in common.The first thing a professional blogger needs is a steady stream of ideas that they can successfully turn from imaginary kernels into fully formed blog posts, usually within a few short hours. Luckily, the blogosphere is a relatively malleable place and, as long as you stay within the rough context of your blog’s topic you can write about almost anything.

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Why to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting for Growing Business ?

Dedicated-hosting secure-server

Hosting is one of the important part in web development. A better hosting always give you better outcome, rather than cheap hosting. I saw many peoples who face a trouble  in their hosting,because of  lack of analysis.To avoid such things we must do proper technical analysis before choosing any host.It’s totally depend on your product and services.Shared and dedicated hosting are two most used hosting over the internet. Shared hosting is good choice for small business.but some limitation of shared hosting failed it to stand out of crowd.

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General Files : Ultimate All in One File Search Engine


Internet cloud is increasing day by day.Their is lots of heterogeneous data available,like videos,audio,images etc. To grab a proper data we use search engine like  Google, which give us an ability to discover relevant data.But if you want to search for any particular file over the internet then normal search engine  repository  failed to give you a proper search result w.r.t to data content.Recently I came to know one of the best file search engine called “General Files”, the term file search engine refers a sorted repository of data file,especially focusing on different file type.

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