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Gamescom 2011: Review of Best Games for Xbox,Nintendo wii & PC


Gamescom 2011 

Gamescom is one of the video game industry’s biggest expos, held in Koln, Germany. Exhibitors from around the globe convene at the Koelnmesse in order to showcase their latest innovations and games, giving gamers a chance to get a taste of what is to come. There are hundreds of different games that have been released over the past years on

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Launch,review & specification:Motorola Droid Razr & Motorola Droid Razr Maxx


Motorola has always been one of the most prominent mobile manufacturers in the world, competing with the likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia in the smartphone market. With the start of the smartphone era, Motorola released its Motorola Droid, which was consequently the first Android powered smartphone. It was a huge successful, and led to the start of the Droid line. Apart from that, Motorola also had a series of other powerful devices in the market. However, with the passage of time, new devices flooded the market and Motorola were left for most parts to play catch up, which meant that their profits were suffering. In 2011, some of the biggest and the hottest phones were released. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a major success for Samsung, and it was doubled with the release of the Galaxy Nexus, which was another positive achievement for the Korean firm. Apple released the iPhone 4s, and HTC came up with a number of powerful phones to stake its claim in the market.

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Online Photo Sharing:Use a Tool and Play it Cool.

Free Online photo Sharing tools

The tools which are used for the purpose of photo sharing are generally the ones which help a person in organizing, displaying, editing, annotating, tagging, manipulating and other similar options.

  1. AMATUERS: The basic tools include resize, crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, auto fit, brush, inserting text, blur, sharpen, Polaroid, raise, raise like a frame and spread. These options need no description and are the basic ones which are generally used by and other person while editing and photograph.

Then apart from these, there are various other websites which help you in bringing a great change to your photographs. The different online photo sharing provides you with different photo sharing tools in addition to the above mention basic editing tools. Then there are enhanced portrait options as well as other artistic effects, texts and watermarks.

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Do you have strategy before writing a blog post?

online writing strategy

Introduction: – The term blog is usually defined as a ‘weblog’ in short. We can say that blog looks like a website but its way of formulation and style is different from other customary web site. There are lots of web bloggers who do this type of stuff. Generally they have a preplanned strategy before to start writing the contents for blog. They make the blog’s contents effective which are very essential for creative showcase of blog. This typical job now has grown infinitely in all over the world and internet is the platform for the representation of the blogs. In this time the entire world of blog posting is very well known by term ‘blogosphere’. Here is the general consideration about the blog writing skills that can help you to make your blog effective and attractive in the internet. If you are a usual blogger but not feeling that your contents are as so effective as you were planning before postingover the internet than it may be possible that you do not attempt to make a good strategy for effective body post before you start blog post writing.

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Update Nokia N8,C7,C6-01,E7,X7,E6 to Symbian Belle using Nokia Suite


After very long waiting time, Symbian Belle update is now officially announced  for major Nokia smartphone’s  like  Nokia N8,C7,C6-01,E7,X7,E6,Nokia 500 etc. You can update your handset to Symbian Belle using latest NOKIA SUITE,we recommended you to use latest pc  suite for better performance & update operation.Change log of Symbian belle  is really appreciable w.r.t user interface & performance. Symbian belle is totally redesigned version of Symbian Anna.I personally  like the ability of customization in Symbian belle which provide us android like interface & navigation  🙂

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HzO WaterBlock Technology:Waterproof Smartphone,Gadgets

HzO Mobile

If you ever face anything like this,You went to picnic with your friends/family on beach &  tried to captured some awesome  movements into your smartphone/cameras  &  suddenly one of high tide broke all your efforts 🙁  b’coz of  number one nemesis of  electronics gadgets Water  isn’t it ? If yes then its a really annoying situation

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Seven Steps To Getting Traffic for Your New Blog / Website


The most difficult part of launching a new website is to start driving traffic to it. But, once you are able to start driving traffic to your new website, everything will be easier. There are many methods you can use to start driving traffic to your new website. However, you will only need to implement these 7 steps:

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Review of Nokia Asha 303 1Ghz Cheap Smartphone

Nokia Asha 300

The news about the Nokia Asha 303 appearing on the mobile phone market has quickly spread out, and the phone has gained a lot in popularity since its release was announced. In spite of the fact that Nokia Asha 303 does not seem like the most beautiful phone in the world, it is actually a very good phone. However, the fact is that a lot of potential users are turned down by its not so stylish design. On the other hand, people who get pass its design come to a conclusion that this is a very good phone after all.

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How to use Autoresponder App in Android to Auto Respond to SMS & Calls

Android AutoResponder

Are you in a meeting, or at some other work? And you can not respond to your calls and texts? If yes, then you don’t need to worry about it, because your Android phone will respond to your calls and texts with Auto-responder Apps in Android.

Attend Calls With An Auto-Responder!

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