Top 10 Art Quotes for Instagram in 2023

Updated on: August 8, 2023

Instagram and wonderful visuals are two sides of the same coin. Instagram is a platform where you can share anything; art is shared a lot. You may share your work or any other fascinating artwork you want others to know about. Art is never shared on its own, and with every visual, you put out there, you would want a caption or, even better, a quote.

Top 10 Art Quotes for Instagram in 2023

Art Quotes and Instagram Posts

Art quotes are one of the most beautiful ways to show artistic expression's inspiration, beauty, and power. What do art quotes do for your post? They can go a long way to add meaning and depth, not to mention creative flair. Ultimately, you get to connect with a wide audience. Quotes elevate the art and inspire conversations.

Art Quotes and Art Themes

Art must be thought to provoke inspiration, reflection, and creativity. Quotes may only enhance these themes and make any art have meaning for the viewer. Quotes can be a helpful tool for gaining more followers on Instagram if you want to produce visually arresting and engaging art.

The following list of art quotes is sourced from artists of long ago and artists who are influencing today's online (and offline) art scene.  Here are some of the best art quotes to use today:

  1. Art Quote by Banksy
  2. Art quote by Takashi
  3. Art Quote by Ewa
  4. Art Quote by Edgar
  5. Art Quote by Henry
  6. Art Quote by Pablo Picasso
  7. Art Quote by Leonardo da Vinci
  8. Art Quote by Paul Mondrian
  9. Art Quote by Paul Cezanne
  10. Art Quote by James McNeill Whistler

1] Art Quote by Banksy

With millions of followers on Instagram, this anonymous artist, “Banksy,” remains popular with an unknown identity. Instagram Art Quote 1

2] Art quote by Takashi

Murakami is a Japanese artist largely influenced by the world around him. His fine art delves into manga and anime themes besides pop art. Using shocking colors and contemporary style to portray art, Murakami takes pride in his background and, in his quote, suggests that living in constrained spaces in his childhood brought out the artist in him. In this case, the art acted as a release and a mechanism for escape from the restricted physical environment of the artist’s childhood.

Instagram Art quote by Takashi

3] Art Quote by Ewa

A modern artist who transforms Renaissance and other aged art by juxtaposition, this artist aims to create her distinctive style, inspiring others with a single message: the contradiction of the stereotypical femininity that has come down through the ages. In this artist’s artwork, you will find ladies in beautiful gowns. Still, instead of looking at beautiful faces, you may see plants sprouting from the neck or hair instead of the face.

Instagram Art Quote by Ewa

4] Art Quote by Edgar

French impressionist, Edgar Degas, was greatly instrumental in promoting impressionism in the early 19th century. The artist, a master, clearly wants to convey in his quote that drawing is not as simple as the artist wishes to portray. Rather, drawing (and art) is how the artwork impacts the viewer.

Instagram Art Quote by Edgar

5] Art Quote by Henry

Veering towards modernism, Matisse, an artist who experimented with great use of color, states in his quote that art has an expressive quality. Nonetheless, the expression is not fleeting because this is captured on a canvas. It holds a degree of permanence for the viewer.

Instagram Art Quote by Henry

6] Art Quote by Pablo Picasso

Perhaps one of the most famous contemporary artists of the age, Picasso is known for abstract style and deft use of color. Taking subjects of his art from real life and his own experiences, he compares painting to keeping a diary of his daily life, as those circumstances are portrayed in art form.

Instagram Art Quote by Pablo Picasso

7] Art Quote by Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most prolific and valued artists in art history, Leonardo da Vinci, knew more about art and science than most people do today. He believed that artists had all the inspiration that the universe had to offer when an artist began to paint and had full potential in the artist's hands.

Instagram Art Quote by Leonardo da Vinci

8] Art Quote by Paul Mondrian

Mondrian classifies the creation of art as nearly a spiritual experience. This is akin to a feeling as if the artist is only an instrument and a greater being is doing the work.

Instagram Art Quote by Paul Mondrian

9] Art Quote by Paul Cezanne

Cezanne refers to the origin of all art as having its source in emotion and feeling. Therefore, emotion is a necessary element of all art.

Instagram Art Quote by Paul Cezanne

10] Art Quote by James McNeill Whistler

It is as though, through the quote, Whistler is saying that the value in art is not about the work that goes into producing the piece of art. The value is more in terms of a shared perspective. Via a visual medium, art, this is a perspective that lasts forever as it is captured on canvas.

Instagram Art Quote by James McNeill Whistler



When you choose art quotes for Instagram posts, you must consider the message and the tone you wish to convey. You may select quotes from famous artists, philosophers, and poets or even come up with unique quotes. Quotes should resonate with an artistic style, not to mention the ideas to be conveyed. Quotes used to highlight the nature of art as being universal, the link between life and art, or how art has a transformative power can usually resonate with Instagram viewers and users.

Top 10 Art Quotes for Instagram in 2023
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