Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature: A Unique Smartphone Selling Point since 2020

Updated on: February 7, 2022

In today's world, it's no secret that privacy is a myth. Whatever you do online, a lot of data is being shared with companies for better-targeted ads, product recommendations, and more. We generally take it very casually and don't think much about it. But it's not the case with Apple products.

Apple has always been a very user-centric brand throughout the world, especially for a couple of years. Here's how.

ATT (App Tracking Transparency)

It was featured in 2020 and then rolled out in 2021 foriOS, iPadOS and tvOS. Among many other skeptical developers, Facebook parent company Meta was very vocal with their criticism against this move by Apple because Facebook earns most of its revenue from targeted ads. ATT gives you the option of whether or not you want the app to track your data and location.

In recent surveys, it was discovered that approximately 80% of Apple users opt-out of tracking, which led to the losses of companies like Meta. In fact, very recently, the mentioned organization did suffer a 23% fall in stocks due to a) ATT feature and b)decrease in user numbers. And now the organization is speculating losses in sales worth $10bn this year because of ATT.


Apart from this, Meta claims this is taking away income opportunities from small businesses as a lot of them rely on ads for their sales & revenue, and the Facebook marketplace is the perfect place for that.

However, on the flip side, this is a feature for which a lot of people pay a top buck, and why wouldn't they? We all love our privacy, especially our data and location privacy. This has become the USP of Apple's marketing, which has led to increased sales & revenue of the iPhone every year since the time ATT was introduced.

What's Next?

This year it's speculated to go even higher with iPhone 14 series and iPhone SE 3rd Gen iPhones. iPhone 14 would still be expensive, but iPhone SE is very positively received globally because of the perfect balance between the usual specs you'd find in an iPhone with a reasonable price point. The rate of Apple users increases every year, and with iPhone SE in the scenario, sales will shoot up quite high this year.

This will create a very intensely increased competition between Apple and Meta...and a whole lot of other apps from businesses that track your data secretly.

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