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Updated on: January 12, 2019

The second version of iCloud has just been announced and many hurry to predict what kind of features will be made available with the new iCloud v2.0. What Tim Cook mentioned to be a strategy for a decade is now prepared for launch. How the end users will receive it and how useful it will be, only time will tell. So far, what has been overheard sounds pretty good. The social sharing features will be greatly enhanced, to keep iCloud up with times. Also, syncing videos with other devices, and putting together all the applications used on Apple devices, will be part of the new look of iCloud. Many new features will be included in second version of iCloud, but no one knows for sure which will be just yet. Here are some of the speculations that are the talk of the day on the Internet these days.


1. Moving iOS apps to the cloud

The most important purpose of iCloud is to bring together all the Apple based applications that are used on their devices. With the new version of iCloud, it is expected that all the iOS based applications will be integrated in the same cloud portal, to ensure the much wanted cohesion of Apple oriented applications. Web applications will have their own dev portal, which makes a lot of people really excited about the upcoming version of iCloud.

icloud notes & reminders

2. Notes and Reminders

These web applications will certainly be included with iCloud v2.0, as well as others that may be created by third party developers that Apple works with. So far, not many names have been mentioned, but for sure Notes and Reminders will be part of the cloud.

iwork-dot-com apple


Apple intends to end the fragmentation of its services by including in the second version of iCloud. Although was supposed to be a MobileMe service, things have changed a great deal from 2009, when Phil Schiller was mentioning for the first time. However, the version will be only in beta, and things may go a long way until something is settled in this direction.


4. Improved photo sharing

Besides putting together all the Apple services and applications, iCloud has an important component addressed directly to users. Rumor has it that photo sharing will receive a facelift and a major improvement with iCloud v2.0, which may make it more appealing to end users.


5. Social features

A new product would not be new if it was not capable of providing some new and exciting social features. The second version of iCloud will allow your friends to comment on your pictures and even download them for their use. It is quite obvious that Apple intends to tighten its involvement in the social media area with such features.

icloud-2-video Synchronize

 6. Syncing videos

Not only management of pictures, but of videos, as well, will be boosted with iCloud v2.0. Syncing videos between devices will be made possible and you will be able to collect all your videos in a stream, just like you do with your photos.

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  1. "Great Article!! You could always get Google+ for iOS. Then set it to automatically upload your photos, every time you snap app picture.
    Apples own Map app looks like a good move and will be good for phone users on the go, at the moment the only way to get a decent on-the-go navigation is to purchase an app or by using google maps."

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